This War is getting major, and its hardly even started!

We are only PLANNING the war and it seems people are already going nuts! Wait till you hear this:
After all Blackstone has done for commentclan, made a blog, pics, I nearly mangled him deputy… he doesn’t want to participate in this battle!
I am setting up new pages and passwords for MAXIMUM security. Buttburro could be lurking ANYWERE. If you’d like the password please email me.

Now I’ll give you the story:

One day I wanders on to his blog. I though he was one of those idiots that used 3 differnt languages in one place. I wrote to him how upset I was. He blocked me as a spammer. When I saw he was only role playing, I felt sooooooooo sorry. I apalogized. He did not accept my apalogy. I came back a few months latter as Troy. I asked him how he thought of Spottedcloud. I was NOT pleased of how he thought of me. I reaveled I was Spottedcloud and apalogized AGIAN. He didn’t accept my apology FOR THE SECOND TIME. I was so upset that I declared war. That’s basically all for now.

For HeadBurro Antfarm

Look, I APALOGIZED. I saw that you weren’t those people that use 3 differnt languages in the same place so I said sorry. Here! I’ll say it agian:

I’m sorry I got so upset. I see now your just role-playing.

But when u didn’t accept my apology, THATS when the Major Troll Spottedcloud came in.

You can comment or do anything now, I PROMISE I will not edit any of your comments.


No HeadBurro! I gave you a chance, but you went too far! We have agreed on the only option, WAR!

1.23 published on Google Play



I have just published 1.23 on Google Play, as announced in the earlier post. It should become available in a couple of hours.

Please update and test test test! Any bugs, email me or comment on this post.

Note: to enable large visibility range, go to Settings/Performance. The game still defaults to old value for compatibility.

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keep calm. dis is only temporary

This new theme is pretty good, but I like the old one better. However I’m sticking with it till the 31st, just to get I to the Halloween spirit. It’s almost like a second birthday to me! XD

I also have to say thanks to Egglayingbunnies for showing me this theme existed in the first place.

The magic ofthe canter O.O

I just learned how to canter. *so magical that I’m putting * rand*m stars *everywh*re. Yes, it was th*t mag*cal. O.O I am now making a place called fantasy stables. 1 problem, how do you make something only open at night?


I Wright this note with a heavy heart and teary eyes. our dear friend snapy, has gone to hermie heaven. I saw mites in his cage so I lifted up his rock were he was hiding. I saw 2 corpses, 1 of his molted skin, and one of .. the one that didn’t make it through.


Im sorry IJust can’t Wright anymore


I had a dream about Miley Cirus (I can’t control my dream!!!), She was filming a new song called “Unbreakable”. When there was an error that cause the fire guysers to malfunction and she was burnt to death. So basically what’s going to happen is there is going to be 2 or 3 signs.

1.Miley Cirus releases “Unbreakable”

2. (Trys to) makes a music video

3. Physic graystripe STRIKES AGIAN!!!


It’s not just my birthday. It’s the best day of my life. I’m just gonna summon it up like dis

Dad brought in best cupcakes ever

Since I told the whole school yesterday it was gonna be my birthday, they all told me happy birthday

Found not one, but 2 white bulls in SC Survivalcraft 2013-10-11 17-00-49-

It’s a Friday


Also I wanna congratulate egglayingbunnies for being picked to be shown on a live webcast  airing in schools across the nation.

Party music:

Because the music vid. Is moldy inappropriate: