Fire alone did NOT save the clan.

Survivalcraft 2013-10-05 08-30-18- Survivalcraft 2013-10-05 08-41-48- Survivalcraft 2013-10-05 08-30-18-This kids is why you TURN OFF WEATHER EFFECTS WHEN BUILDING IN CREATIVE.

Lightning struck the camp.

You know what happened next.


So now I have 2 options

1. Delete the world and help Maggieblue9259 with SC Racers or

2. Use my spare time sitting in the burrend camp waiting for the fire to stop.


Pros and Cons:

1. Maggieblue9259 saves some time. +

I will have to stop the clan project all together –

2. I will waist time I could use building Grace City or SC Racers –

People will finaly get a great warrior clans map + so you guys decide



8 thoughts on “Fire alone did NOT save the clan.

  1. I have a CommentClan world too ( I made a post on it). I might post a link and since you’re leader you can do what you like to it. By the way, the compass leads to where I have chosen for us to share tongues with StarClan. To get back, follow the coast until you get to a beach with a v shaped part like this:___/\___ flip this upside down.

  2. Well I’m still in the process of adding warriors editions to dragons empire I’m working on a pokemon edition.

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