What im playing

Anybody eva heard of a Choir Chime? I play them in school t hey look like this:

We’re gonna b playing Choir Of The Bells, but most of u just know it as “The Christmas Bell Song”

Anyways here’s the song:


I know it’s a different kind of bell, (those are Handbells, not Choir Chimes) but same music and sound.

I’ll b on a boat for the next hour or so, bye!


13 thoughts on “What im playing

  1. I played steel pans last year! My old school has their own steel pans. I can play Banana Boat song, The Lion Sleeps Tonight (watever it’s called), the Pirates of the Carribesn theme song, the Mission Impossible theme song, Billie Jean by Michael Jackson, the Muppets show theme song, Oh I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday (……….) and a little bit of Under The Sea from The Little Mermaid. Oh, and Funky Town. I also play guitar, I used to play fiddle (violin), and we played drum kit, African drums, xylophone, keyboard (no chords) last year. This year I played a vibrophone.

  2. I have to play it without a partner because ella thought that she could just quit. Do ya know how hard it is to play that without a partner?! Then again, she played damped chimes at random times and messed me up big time. So all in all, why do i even put up with her.

    1. ITS SO HARD!!! Egglayingbunnies tries to play my music on his side but he doesn’t play at the right times! Doesn’t he understand that different sheets have different music marked???

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