i is at school

Hi. I is at school. Right noe


6 thoughts on “i is at school

  1. Oh yeah New comment clan members epicusername12345 (epictail) the new medicine cat then we have seriousraptor (raptorclaw) the newest warrior as I’ve appointed. I asked them to join comment clan I meet them at kaalus’ blog.

  2. His name must be different (talking about epicusername) “epic” is not a clan word. I’d like raptor or whatever his name is to see to me before he joins. I’m not inviting total strangers into my clan.

  3. Oh I’ll have the name rechanged hmmm maybe stormtail. Kinda just popped Into my mind the weirdest thing is seriousraptor has heard about the warriors book series and is gonna check them out the epicusername12345 said the name of one of the clans basically um thunderclan and besides we need a new medicine cat and a couple New kits and warriors.

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