The results

The results are in!

Ide like to thank everyone who enterd the contest. You made the game just a bit wacky-er

1. Maggieblue9259   This new update will make electrics fly! (Floating XOR gate)

2.Ashlyn0live              crazy terrain generation (floating sand island with tree)

3. Whitestripe             Sitin in lava… still not on fire…

Congratulations to Maggieblue9259! You win a Grace City preview!!!

Ashlyn 0live and Whitestripe, you get dibs on my epic apartments on my Ultimate Survival Island!

Please remember that you will recieve the password to a locked post containing your prize via e-mail. If the email you use for WordPress is your parents email, please tell me. Otherwise, say your email is correct. You will not receive the password intill you say so.

I’d like to agian thank everyone for entering


3 thoughts on “The results

  1. Omg your city is awesome. Just one suggestion though. It lags almost to the point of being unplayable on my phone. Perhaps cut down on the amount of torches and wicker lamps, which cause lag.

  2. Wow! Lags that badly? Rarely lags on kindel. I’m trying to get away from the “City” part. Less lag near snowshoe mountian.

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