It’s not just my birthday. It’s the best day of my life. I’m just gonna summon it up like dis

Dad brought in best cupcakes ever

Since I told the whole school yesterday it was gonna be my birthday, they all told me happy birthday

Found not one, but 2 white bulls in SC Survivalcraft 2013-10-11 17-00-49-

It’s a Friday


Also I wanna congratulate egglayingbunnies for being picked to be shown on a live webcast  airing in schools across the nation.

Party music:

Because the music vid. Is moldy inappropriate:


11 thoughts on “NO.FUDGING.WAY.

    1. That’s strange

      P.S. Gerrrr! I wanna ask a question but I don’t wanna offend u cause I know someone like u and u can take it the wrong way!! GERRR! HOW DO I ASK U DIS QUESTION!!?!?!?!?!?

  1. Daverave40 wishes me a overhauling with everyone else,
    Get complements from my cupcake headband,
    Had so much sugar I’m going to explode,
    Had sushi and kitty’s place (that’s what I call it when I for GET the name)
    Got discounts on countless stuff.
    Found 2 white bulls

    Yea. Best day ever. Thnx!

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