I Wright this note with a heavy heart and teary eyes. our dear friend snapy, has gone to hermie heaven. I saw mites in his cage so I lifted up his rock were he was hiding. I saw 2 corpses, 1 of his molted skin, and one of .. the one that didn’t make it through.


Im sorry IJust can’t Wright anymore


22 thoughts on “sadness

    1. Yea, if u look at the slideshow you might be able to see him. He was my first hermit crab. I remember that day, Christmas morning exactly 9:41 2009. He lived a good, long life. He was in mid-only when the biometric pressure took a change for the worst. We’ve been receiving TONS of rain lately. He look as if he had been dead for 2 or 3 days. I saw mite in there and that was the end for me. I nearly fainted cause I knew he had gone. All those times we had competed in the Mid Atlantic hermit crab challenge, we always lost, be he was a winner in my heart.

    2. Well from hatch day to death usually around 10 years but I’ve heard of up to 40. Use say snappy was somewhere around 24 by his size. Only punchy was older than him. He was 26. But of corse I hadn’t had him for that long. THEY WERE BOTH OLDER THAN ME! That makes me feel better. But if you take advice from me, you’ll have him for ALOT longer than you would. He lived 4 years with me!

  1. Yep, I still have Sheldon. He’s perfectly healthy. I found a great site thats called Hermit Crab Addiction (Tottaly me! πŸ™‚ I just have to order bead we there are no local stores. I’m gonna make a new blog for crab lovers now!

      1. It’s ok. I don’t get pets for Christmas, or sometimes I don’t get a new pet in a year! I had rabbits until I was 3, then got a hamster after my 4th birthday. I normally get young fluffy animals (like hamsters, rats, gerbils, etc, my local pet shop had white chipmunks once!) or rarely a cat or dog. Harvey is my first cat and Zeus is my first dog. I know of one thing I’m getting for Christmas: a pair of pyjamas. I need more at my dad’s house because they’re too big or too small. I’m going to ask for a wolf/fox/cat/dog onesie from my mum. I also really want a ferret or a degu. Or a German shepherd. But I probably won’t get these animals until all my other pets die which will be about fifteen years (the lifespan of a Chihuahua), as my cat is four years old (54 moons in warrior terms which is more accurate) already. Well, I won’t get the ferret until Harvey dies probably, and the same goes for Zeus and a German shepherd.

  2. That’s similar to when my gerbil and my first rat died. They both had cagemates (Remy had Gogo and Goldie had Frosty who is still alive) so I had to look after them. My mum still has a picture of Gogo on her phone. Only thing is, I think Frosty has been grieving for a while. She still doesn’t like being touched much. She likes cardboard tubes and cereal boxes. She demolishes them with her mouth.

  3. i have an annoincement i must make very sadly also…

    my cat Graystripe was killed by a raccoon.the raccoon diliverd a deadly blow across his face and eyes and that was the end of him…he was just above a kit and was an unfair match.i hate raccoons now… sniffles.


      I have 2 reactins t this:

      1. my life……. is ruined… *crys*

      2. I think my key is brken. yep, its definitely brken

  4. I can’t post on my blog, so I’m going to post this message here.

    Neighbourhood Warriors

    I have warrior names for the cats that live near me. I’ll start with my own cat, Harvey. I showed pictures on my blog, and his warrior name is Patchstorm. My neighbour’s tortoiseshell-and-white cat Bella’s name is Spottedheart. There are two ginger cats (probably either family or housemates, they do not fight with each other) that I don’t know the names of. I called them Firepelt and Flamestripe. And I used to see a white cat around quite a lot, but I suspect she may have joined StarClan. If she did, her name was Snowfur. My nana’s cat Rico doesn’t deserve a warrior name; he is a kittypet through and through. He only goes outside to toilet. He doesn’t tend to fight over territory either, but he hisses at cats that come too near. A kitten that used to live near Rico called Scrat was a beautiful black half-grown cat and I would have called him Blazepaw because he was jet black with bright orange eyes. I said ‘was’ because he got run down by a car. Of course I didn’t know about Warriors then. I also saw another white cat near Snowfur’s home. I called it (don’t know it’s gender, I only saw it from a distance) Cloudstorm. There is a huge ginger tom cat called Lenny who lives across from my dad, and I would call him Lionstripe. Spottedheart is quite a young cat and only just got her warrior name (I had previously referred to her as Spottedpaw) because I noticed she was quite big. She also ignore

      1. Yeah, probably Raven-something or Night-something. I looked at Ravenpaw’s description in the Into the Wild book I borrowed from my local library. This is the description:

        Small, skinny black tom with a tiny white dash on his chest, and white-tipped tail

        I borrowed Into the Wild because I wouldn’t be able to read it anywhere else, and I looked up my local library’s online catalogue and the only Warriors book they have is the Into the Wild book I borrowed. I wanted Forest of Secrets.

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