For HeadBurro Antfarm

Look, I APALOGIZED. I saw that you weren’t those people that use 3 differnt languages in the same place so I said sorry. Here! I’ll say it agian:

I’m sorry I got so upset. I see now your just role-playing.

But when u didn’t accept my apology, THATS when the Major Troll Spottedcloud came in.

You can comment or do anything now, I PROMISE I will not edit any of your comments.


No HeadBurro! I gave you a chance, but you went too far! We have agreed on the only option, WAR!


6 thoughts on “For HeadBurro Antfarm

    1. I’m in silence and deadliness mwa ha ha were gonna desssssstroy headburro De big but hehehehehehehe.

  1. My mum and her boyfriend (yes… not my dad…) just had a big row. I hope her boyfriend doesn’t leave, because he is helping her to make our house more valuable before we sell it and move house. We haven’t finished the kitchen yet! ;(

  2. Hey spottedcloud I need you’re help on something I wanna see about taking it to the next level with cake and maybe exchange pho** numb*** you can guess the words so should I…..

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