This War is getting major, and its hardly even started!

We are only PLANNING the war and it seems people are already going nuts! Wait till you hear this:
After all Blackstone has done for commentclan, made a blog, pics, I nearly mangled him deputy… he doesn’t want to participate in this battle!
I am setting up new pages and passwords for MAXIMUM security. Buttburro could be lurking ANYWERE. If you’d like the password please email me.

Now I’ll give you the story:

One day I wanders on to his blog. I though he was one of those idiots that used 3 differnt languages in one place. I wrote to him how upset I was. He blocked me as a spammer. When I saw he was only role playing, I felt sooooooooo sorry. I apalogized. He did not accept my apalogy. I came back a few months latter as Troy. I asked him how he thought of Spottedcloud. I was NOT pleased of how he thought of me. I reaveled I was Spottedcloud and apalogized AGIAN. He didn’t accept my apology FOR THE SECOND TIME. I was so upset that I declared war. That’s basically all for now.


6 thoughts on “This War is getting major, and its hardly even started!

  1. I just asked HeadBurro to possibly start over and pretend I never existed till now. If he accepts then we will abort all battle plans. If he refuses we will continue with the battle planing

    1. But what happens if he gets banned from WordPress as soon as once he tries to give an apology.

      1. I sent a thing to WordPress besides black listing someone for no apparent reason is just like wow? Why the heck? Just why? It’s not nice and I see you’re on a million websites butt I’ll alert WordPress to not bann you if you just I’m gonna say this in a calm voice just as long as you unblacklist spottedcloud and me and just say sorry once and strike peace I won’t try to spam like a noob ok. That’s all we want k. I’ll make sure nothing bad happens to you and make sure you moderate me I want give some comments to you on you’re work and hey could possibly join my server when mcpe realms comes just no griefing I got tnt cannons.. ok

      2. And hey Halloween five days away yaaaayyyyyy I want candy so well storebought mainly and I’m gonna be an enderman.

  2. You’ll have to go to my blog and go to an older post and I’ll get the passwords and delete the comments.

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