these dudes look fimiliar, ike?

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So yea,   2 bulls, dirt trees. Your world rocks!



So I just got a new email and I have a new plan to FAMOUSOSITY!!! I’m gonna start a YouTube channel and get an account. This is not gonna make any sense now but it will in a year or two.

So I’ve teamed up with Kandycat productions and Kitkat (her old name atleast). They r the same person. I am Cra-Cra and she will be (the modofied voice of) Murf. We havent decided who will be iCat, all we know is that he will be like squidward. Cra-Cra will anyo him (not meaning to) with Murf. iCat is a robot so he will shoot laserbeams if he gets to mad, but it rarely happens. So I have Flora, her tree house, and her pet Venessa planned out. I’m waiting for it to be approved though. So there you have it! You have meet Cra-Cra !!!!

Gotta go!

5 Days of Thankfulness Day 4: All My Family, And You Guys Too!

There are some unfortunate people that don’t have a family. Some slaves are sold from their family’s. Some people don’t have you! I’m thankful for all of you. Unless Ze God Of Big Butts is reading this.  -_-  NOOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU&!! NOOB! SO BACK ON TRACK. I’M THANKFUL THaT I HAVE FRIENDS TO TALK To. LIkE yOU GuyS. I ThINK mY CaPS lOCk is BroKeN. Fixed it. I trust you guys, and I know (most of) you trust me. I can let things out. And I’ve seen you guys let things out to! We get into fights, but that’s a principle of human socialization. Anyway, the thought of flooding maggieblue is already heartbreaking, but I think she’s managing, picking it up. She even made an SC world today! With the extremely little space she has! I inspired her. She inspired me (blog theme). Just A NevEr ENding cIRcle. My caps is broken?

5 Days of Thankfulness Day 3: Technology

In many many contrys around the world, this isnt possible. This, right here. Me tapping this little device and words comming up! Or you clicking your little mouse and reading these words (as i stated before, those same contrys may not know how to read). Its amazing! It produces light, no fire required!!! AND IT HAS GAMES TOO! Building games, logic games, Zombie shooting games, cow games, dragon games, most free!! And some arent even used for fun. Some are used.for learning! Does your school require you to make a power point presentaion about Sinkholes (mine from 4 years ago :/ )? Or did you ever have a test on a computer? You use it more everyday. In each and every classroom, theres something on the smart board. Oo gosh! The possibilities! So sad that many people dont have them.

5 Days of Thankfulness Day 2: Education

Well, sometimes im not, but in the long run, i am. I know most of us hate school and just wanna play video games all day. Well video games wouldn’t exist with someone learning something!!! In Egypt “School” is a factory were children are sold to so that thier familys can get enough money to put food on the table. So what do they do at the factory? They are forced to sit in small rooms for 23 hourse a day, hardly any time to eat or sleep, learning nothing EXEPT HOW TO WEAVE AND THAT THERE GONNA BE STUCK THERE TILL THERE HANDS ARE TO BIG FOR THE GOD D*** LOOM! No these arent rainbowlooms, these are looms for the giant carpet in your living room. Yes, this is what children 5-15 in egypt are doing. So dont buy that beutiful “Handmade rug. made in Egypt”. If you do buy it, screw you (and words that would get me banned from WordPress). Back in 2009 a girl, Malala Yousafzai (had to pull out the book to make sure i was right on spelling) was shot cause she was going to school. Here in America we do our school on the computer. And your still upset that you have to go to school…

5 Days of Thankfulness Day 1: Freedom!!!

As most of you know, i live in America. We ddont have slaves. Our slaves are called children. They do chores. But not neraly as many as the slaves America has had in the past had. As you may have seen my comment on Blackstones blog, freaking out about him bidding for slaves.

{derp} sorry guys, cant finish. my stupid sister wont let me finish this!!! how i wish i could kill her…

OK! im back, now that the fart i call a sister has FINALLY agreed to let me charge my kindel. AS I WAS SAYING, i freaked out at the mention of bidding for slaves. Well i have a habit of commenting before i finish reading all the post (sometimes i comment before reading any pf the post at all!) So went on reading and saw they were bidding in £ and not $, i relised that he didn’t live in the US. It then hit me how lucky i was to be free, have rights, to not be stuck dong chores ALL DAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! BEING ABLE TO BE TREADED LIKE A PERSON RATHER THAN AN ANIMAL!!! Because in so many places around the world, THATS HOW PEOPLE HAVE TO LIVE! They give you away, put a price on you! HOW WOULD YOU FEEL, HAVING A PRICE!?!? You probably wouldn’t know the differences of prices! After all, dont be stupid (like my sister) you wouldn’t have time for school with all the chores master needs you to do! (*Ill talk more about that tomorrow*) Do you want to get whipped? Then hop to it!

You see what im saying? if you think washing dishes is boring and hard, how would you survive a slave?

How to Properly Ride A Pegasus Chapter 1

Juliana was walking down the of stables. Deciding which horse looked comfortable. The only thing was, none of them looked comfortable to ride. Juliana was scared of horses. To her, they where all big, mean, untamed animals, just waiting for you to fall off so they could trample you and whinny. She stopped at a stable with a painted pony. It looked at her and cocked its head. This one seemed nice, small, not to dangerous. “Ooh no, not baby cakes. She goes fast.” Juliana’s instructor said. Juliana, disappointed, continued on to the other end of the stable. She looked up and saw a beautiful horse. An apalosa horse with a long, shiny gray mane and tail. She looked quite friendly. Juliana reached her and out- “NO!” The instructor yanked her and away from the horse. “Never EVER do that agian. Misty is the meanest horse inthe stable. Bob, the stables owner, has been riding for 20 years and he gets kicked off of that horse, let alone a first timer!”. For a short second there was silence. “I know the horse for you!” The instructor broke the silence. He ran to the back of the stable. Juliana knew he was going to bring back a big, angry- “Good old Fudge! Hes kinda stupid, but he was the first horse I rode.” Out came a black horse with only one eye looking forward, the other looking at his nose. Its tongue loled lazily out of his mouth. “Um, can it see?” Juliana questioned. “One of his eyes can. But that doesnt matter, unless hes jumping but your not there yet. So as long as you can steer, your good.” The instructor said, knocking on Fugdes head. Fudge shock his head. When he looked back up, his eyes refocused. “Alright lets take him to the indoor.”