Ze God Of Big Butts has returend!!!!!!

On dragonmaster’ s blog! And evil cake too! Real cake is her and she doesnt want Dragon master to leave her side. Texture all of commentclan, Dragonclan EVERYONE!!! He’s going to put up a fight, so we must spam up is old email. Dave the awesome blogger, I believe you have their emails. GET. BATTLE. READY.


24 thoughts on “Ze God Of Big Butts has returend!!!!!!

  1. what? oh you mean mark………no mark is my boyfriend…….well now i don’t need anyone…………zegodofevil isn’t back only hell hound though……..i can’t believe mark actually played zegodofevil really good though……..im still fighting my 2 entities…..they’re controlling my…….ive never liked dragon nor did i turn evil…….while they control my body please remember i don’t mean it im normal…….for now……..im just alone…….in darkness while i await my destiny to live…….until next time my fellow warriors

  2. forgot 1 thing……no matter what happens……don’t anger unknown nor zegodofevil…….well i guess unknown can take a little joke but don’t anger zegodofevil…..he hasn’t come back from training…….i think he might plan destruction early than 100,320 years so be ready to ignore anything……my 2 entities are sillyness (cake) and evil (unknown) and please remember…… i will never leave……if i can control my body though…..


  3. Yea riiiiiight. FAKE CAKE GET OUT A MAH LIFE!!!! Dragon, I’ll always love you. Fake cake, your a loser that needs to get your own username.

  4. hmmmmm……seems like real cake and dragon cqme here at the same time…. ohhhhhhhhh ok……..i promise not to tell cake or nature that it’s you dragon 😉 im not dumb……well cake is dumb but nature and i aren’t dumb

  5. not really came here at the same time but dragon knew real cake came so dragon spottedcloud and “REAL cake”……….wait…….spotted are you pretending to be cake? i looked through all of her comments to see if hell hound is hacking her email but it was just you weird humans…………and i saw 1 of the first comments she had ever put and it said “THAT’S NOT ME! I NEVER LEFT! I JUST STOPPED POSTING COMMENTS! that’s an imposter ATTACK!” i remember when you also copied graystripe around the time when i was about to see what survival craft was on kaluus’s blog……cake left it on the game so i took over this body and played a little until i saw “visit our blog!” so yeah that’s how i met you people pretending to be cake since you people knew her…….but back too the main point who is REAL cake because cake is still in darkness as i type im gonna let her takeover in a minute

  6. and i has cake (wildflower) was always her email……..ok im gonna let cake take over but don’t tell her anything! she could get confused and takeover unknown and i and she would be more powerful than death and zegodofevil…….if only we can change her mind if it happens

  7. i see…..wait i thought cake took over…….and now you let me take over-I WISH I CAN CONRTOL WHO TAKES OVER BECAUSE LAST COMMENT YOU WENT BUT NOW I WENT! GOD IT’S CONFUSING! ok cake takeover please

  8. ? what? i thought i was playing minecraft pocket edition? i didn’t post this! i might have too write on a paper that says:

    who is controlling body:
    who is next:
    where are you/what are you doing:

    (enter name here)

    1. DAFUQ??? y would i want to b cake? cake is…. cake! and also, dis girl is taken! so y would i b cheating my other guy?

      1. it’s hard to reply cause yeah…….you click on the name by accident sometimes so yeah……i almost clicked your name again…….just like those other 24.9 times i did last time i took over so yeah…..switch!

  9. and this is the real me (sorry i took long i went too take hell hound to his spike bed) i am the real one because i know your name izaiah

  10. im with you sista! ^-^

    next:anyone who won’t eat meh
    what:typing random words that no one gets and will get so confused they will ignore me

    brought to you by:cake,
    eat lots and lots of cake….except that orange one who can talk cause thats meh ^-^

    1. (no comment)

      what:confused of what happened while i played temple run 2 and completed deer hunter 2014 last level:lord horriblis is the last enemy (bear) you have to kill
      why:because i need to have entertainment

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