Replay: Thor: The Dark World

I had a great time sitting in the theatre because of all the action with my favorite villain:


The whole dark elf language thing kinda related to star wars, (Jabba the Hut, The Ewolks, …). And the Queen in the boat when she died reminded all my family of the scene where Padmae was in her little coffin-thing in Episode 3. So I think my step dad (Star Wars Fanatic) was happy. Right before Loki  “died” I was like “Make freaking copies of yourself!!!!” If I had Loki’ s power I would have one clone go to school while I stay home and play SC. When he “died” I was thinking “This is why you should have listened to the phsycic person. YOU SHOULD HAVE MADE COPIES OF YOURSELF!!!!”   Then when Thor mention wanting Loki back, I think I did shed a tear. I bit off the head of a gummy bear, pretending it was Oden-whatever-his-name-is let’s just say HIS FATHER AND THE KING, said he couldn’t get Loki back. When Loki appeared at the end I was confused. Was he going to become bad agian? Stay good? Keep pretending?

Favorite Part: I’m pretty sure you’ve already guessed this one, when Loki uses his powers to change him and Thor into other people. By Captain America I was laughing on my sister’s shoulder. XDDDD

I would give the movie 4.5 stars, but there are 3 things that bug me

1. LOKI’ S GODANG HAIR!!!! Loki’s actor is a natural blond and so they use a black wig Tom Hiddleston Thor 2 cropped.png WELL Y DO U NEED SO MUCH HAIR GELL FOR A WIG?????

2. The Gatekeepers Face changed. It’s a differnt actor. My parents know his face but I don’t. He also has hair. ???

3. Loki isn’t all  God u know! He’s a freakin Frostgiant! What happend to that? Did ha have some sort of “Frostgiant-ectami” and get his “Frostgiant-Ness” removed? WHERE DID IT GO!?¿¡?!¡¿?!¡¿

14 thoughts on “Replay: Thor: The Dark World

  1. I have to agree. I liked all the bad guy action. The Dark Elves creeped me out a bit, though.

    I was a bit confused when Loki ‘died’. They just couldn’t do that. When he made a guest appearance near the end, my jaw dropped so large that a parrot could fly in. Turns out that Tom Hiddleston (the actor who plays Loki) actually auditioned to be Thor. In the end, he looked like the villain. Apparently. Imagine Chris Hemsworth (the actor doing Thor) as Loki. Can’t see it.

    What made me get hiccups was when Loki kept changing everybody into different things.

    Loki: *stifling laugh* Why, brother, you look ravishing!

    Thor: *having been turned into Sif* You keep doing this, I’ll kill you.

    Loki: Maybe I’ll change into something more ‘suiting’.

    *the two pass a column*

    Loki: *as Captain America* That’s better! I don’t know how your little friend does it. This suit is so uncomfortable!

    Thor: *finally himself again* Keep doing this, we’ll get caught.

  2. If it’s Skype:

    1. I do.not have an account, nor do.I want one because,

    2. If you Skyped me you would be vary disappointed. But it would explain alot! But mabye…

    3. Scratch #2, I could just use voice modifiers and wear a troll face mask!

    4. WHATEVER!

  3. Hey umm spottedcloud I can’t join the battle to destroy ze God of lameness I have to battle darksmoke cause darksmokes way more powerful than me and ze God of evil combined in one.

  4. Actually I’ve died once battling darksmoke but with ze God of evil I’ve never died. So yeah and I’ve came up with a way to shatter ze God of evils ze ultima it’s pretty easy. And darksmoke doesn’t even like alliances he never allies with anyone who’s not pure black dragon even if ze God of evil turned himself into a black dragon darksmoke will sense ze God of evils dark evile aura and decline alliances with him.

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