Going to Great Wolf!

Getting on the road soon! 😀 the only problem is I got my wand when I was 3 and username is now “SnugglebearyFairy3815” (snugglebear was my favorite stuffed animal).


As for Fake Cake, I am sick and tired of you BS. You need to shut the duck up or I will block you when you come back. No, dragonmaster, I do not love you, we are freinds, but it’s Real Cakes job to love you. Also, I already have a guy that I’m sticking with!


C u all Monday!!!- Spottedcloud


33 thoughts on “Going to Great Wolf!

  1. EVERYONE JUST SHUT UP!!!!!! I thought the point of these blogs was to talk about survivalcraft, not get into fights with people! You all better shut up because you don’t want to see me when I’m angry. I don’t care about all this role playing crap. I don’t care about your ‘boyfriend’ and he’s not really yourboyfriend if you’ve never even seen him in real life! I’m on the verge of unfollowing this blog and dragonmaster’s blog if this continues. Ok I’m done now…

  2. I’m done. I’m 5 years older than you all and I feel very immature being here. I just want to talk about Survivalcraft. That’s all I ever talk about on my blog. And it’s much more successful than any of yours. Goodbye. Time to do something productive rather than listen to little kids fighting over trivial things that don’t even matter.

  3. Ok maggieblue as deputy of comment clan you shall receive a punishment! I’ll think about later know I’ll have you blacklisted.

  4. Sorry sorry I’ve pokemon y and mega lucario on my mind CAUSE I have a lucario named lucile.

  5. And I’m not toddler I’m not that young wait how would I know to do anything on WordPress if I was a toddler? Wtf???????? I don’t know.

  6. Well I haven’t even decided I’ve been watching minecraft vids all night but maybe I can let you go if you just well I got nothing so your off The hook.

  7. I son’t have a Lucario named Lucille. Mine was a boy. So I just raised a Gardevoir. Took me a while to find a female Ralts, but it was worth it. Ralts are “almost never” when it comes to PokemonX and PokemonY. But I found 4.

  8. Hmm that sounds ok hey maybe a battle my team is: greninja,lucario,furfrou,liepard,yveltal,and this is the z pokemon: zygarde. That’ll be my full on team bad thing is I can’t exactly get all the mega stones all because of that idiotic corrupt save file glitch in lumiose city c’mon why we’ll I’ve only got these mega pokemon.
    Lucario,charizard y,blaziken,abomasnow,gengar and that’s all I believe allthough I really wanted maga gardevoir I have to admit it even though I hate ice,ghost,and fairy types I still want gardevoir why saved file glitch but I’ll get my friend code oh and my pokemon name is Dragonmaster just Dragonmaster. See ya.

    1. Now my team of Greninja, Blastoise, Blaziken, Talonflame, Lucario and Gardevoir looks like nothing. All of my friends got Pokemon X. Who is Zygrade? How do you get him? My friend told me that once you complete the game, you can actually get another starter. Is it true?

      1. Uh zygarde is the secret z pokemon but you have to complete the pokemon league to get him you’ll have to go to that abandoned mine rumored to have been closed cause a monster lives in the deepest part of it which is in the mountain region of kalos look on map nearest to anistar city and couriway town it’s called terminous cave remember you have to win the pokemon league. Come to my blog later and I’ll get a post ready based on zygarde but just all those rumors are just true about a z version see ya.

  9. And I don’t have very many pokemon that aren’t nicknamed or ones I want to give but if you definantly wait t’ll poketransfer comes out I’ll be transferring millions of legendary pokemon I’ve gotten through trade. And there all level one hundred I don’t get it level 75 kyurem for level 99 shiny genesect what in the heck are people thinking I’ve got tons of victinis through its just well I used to have three kyurems then I traded two away ones from somebody elses game I rented one from wv2 and one black one.

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