Giving up trolling and epic fails.

So, I’m gonna give up trolling because I want to get into the IB program and if I don’t give up trolling then there GONNA find my email and track me down AND THEN I’M GONNA BE SCREWED!!!! So yea, no more trolling. I also think I’m gonna get more people to like my blog and stuff… and here are a list of epic fails!!!

#3 Say you see a puppy, it’s a dead squirrel

2# fail a test and say “I couldent have failed! I cheated!” (Didn’t happen, just had a dream and saw someone saying that)

1# forget materials for scince experiment. Teacher is kind enough to give you materials. Teacher brakes materials (OK, that really happend)

12 thoughts on “Giving up trolling and epic fails.

  1. This post was edited because it included inappropriate language. However, the author has apalogized and asked I change this comment.

    1. Hey um I never blacklisted and besides I’m not in the best of mood to deal with this stuff I’m goING THROUGH A BRE-AK UP MAKES SENSE RIGHT!

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