Found her!

FOUND CAKE!!!! She was wandering around in… I don’t know! Antartica I think! Anyway she’s happy dragonmaster isn’t dead. She’s her now in fact!


So I has FAKE! You thought you could get away with it right?? Pretending to be me, almost making my love scuicide? Well WRONG!!! I will always love Dragon master! And he will always listen to me! He will block you (Spottedcloud put instructions on his blog) . SO GO BACK TO WERE YOU BELONG!!!!

She said more but ide rather not say what. Lets just say shes going back to heaven right now *glanses back to see if shes gone* and im posting my oasis weekly!


18 thoughts on “Found her!

  1. Well actually I found apparently in darksmokes den he basically murdered her so the one just named cake just cake is a clone soooooo I’m battle scared all because of darksmoke oh yay the dark dragon go battle the red terror darksmoke and see who’s the powerfulest then.

  2. I’m preparing a new minecraft server for realms it’s a world in creative where you just build pokemon statues like mainly of legendarys.

      1. Yeah I know but sad thing is he’s genderless nor male nor female actually I learned from a youtube video yveltal is based from Norse mythology along with xerneas and zygarde you’ll have to watch the video.

    1. Yeah that’s true here’s the info.
      Yveltal the destruction pokemon he’s based off of a huge bird that lives at the edge of the world and kills anything that disturbs it.
      Xerneas the life pokemon based off of a human with a head of deer named cermeneous who is one with nature and the earth.
      Zygarde the order pokemon based off a giant serpent that lives in the deepest water at the edge of the world it’s name the midgard serpent.
      So yeah the info on they’re myths.

  3. But one thing is that no one knew about pokemon x and y is (zygarde) which he’s based of a serpent named The midgard serpent but seriously why did people say z version is fake wrong I can show a picture.

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