How to Properly Ride A Pegasus Chapter 1

Juliana was walking down the of stables. Deciding which horse looked comfortable. The only thing was, none of them looked comfortable to ride. Juliana was scared of horses. To her, they where all big, mean, untamed animals, just waiting for you to fall off so they could trample you and whinny. She stopped at a stable with a painted pony. It looked at her and cocked its head. This one seemed nice, small, not to dangerous. “Ooh no, not baby cakes. She goes fast.” Juliana’s instructor said. Juliana, disappointed, continued on to the other end of the stable. She looked up and saw a beautiful horse. An apalosa horse with a long, shiny gray mane and tail. She looked quite friendly. Juliana reached her and out- “NO!” The instructor yanked her and away from the horse. “Never EVER do that agian. Misty is the meanest horse inthe stable. Bob, the stables owner, has been riding for 20 years and he gets kicked off of that horse, let alone a first timer!”. For a short second there was silence. “I know the horse for you!” The instructor broke the silence. He ran to the back of the stable. Juliana knew he was going to bring back a big, angry- “Good old Fudge! Hes kinda stupid, but he was the first horse I rode.” Out came a black horse with only one eye looking forward, the other looking at his nose. Its tongue loled lazily out of his mouth. “Um, can it see?” Juliana questioned. “One of his eyes can. But that doesnt matter, unless hes jumping but your not there yet. So as long as you can steer, your good.” The instructor said, knocking on Fugdes head. Fudge shock his head. When he looked back up, his eyes refocused. “Alright lets take him to the indoor.”


9 thoughts on “How to Properly Ride A Pegasus Chapter 1

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      1. Already tried nothing but the reason I asked it well a glitch occurred where my rival didn’t appear in a city which I need to battle her to get the other mega stones but guess what my game worked so now I’ve got all of the mega stones.

  2. Hey spottedcloud head to the new post on my blog and alert everyone else you’ll see what I mean.

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