5 Days of Thankfulness Day 1: Freedom!!!

As most of you know, i live in America. We ddont have slaves. Our slaves are called children. They do chores. But not neraly as many as the slaves America has had in the past had. As you may have seen my comment on Blackstones blog, freaking out about him bidding for slaves.

{derp} sorry guys, cant finish. my stupid sister wont let me finish this!!! how i wish i could kill her…

OK! im back, now that the fart i call a sister has FINALLY agreed to let me charge my kindel. AS I WAS SAYING, i freaked out at the mention of bidding for slaves. Well i have a habit of commenting before i finish reading all the post (sometimes i comment before reading any pf the post at all!) So went on reading and saw they were bidding in £ and not $, i relised that he didn’t live in the US. It then hit me how lucky i was to be free, have rights, to not be stuck dong chores ALL DAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! BEING ABLE TO BE TREADED LIKE A PERSON RATHER THAN AN ANIMAL!!! Because in so many places around the world, THATS HOW PEOPLE HAVE TO LIVE! They give you away, put a price on you! HOW WOULD YOU FEEL, HAVING A PRICE!?!? You probably wouldn’t know the differences of prices! After all, dont be stupid (like my sister) you wouldn’t have time for school with all the chores master needs you to do! (*Ill talk more about that tomorrow*) Do you want to get whipped? Then hop to it!

You see what im saying? if you think washing dishes is boring and hard, how would you survive a slave?

18 thoughts on “5 Days of Thankfulness Day 1: Freedom!!!

  1. You’re right about the freedom of America. Btw, Blackstone is a girl. But I think our stupid government is slowly taking our freedom away and there is nothing we can do about it. I feel like someday America will become like the place the Hunger Games took place in. Hopefully long after I’m gone but still. I don’t want my descendants to go through that. I hate being all gloom but I think America will fall as quickly as it rose to power…sorry, I’m just not a loyal American. Makes me sad, since my grandparents fought in WWII. But the more I look at the problems of this country, the less I like it. What happened to common sense, respect, and caring about other people?! We all have so much and we take it for granted. When there are people all over the world who die from disease, starvation every day. I wish there was a way to help but I’m so caught up in everyday life it does not seem possible or affordable…yet I want to help these people so much:-(

    Which reminds me- I’m thankful for WordPress, Survivalcraft, Caustic, and Candy Crush lol:-)


        Im part Italian, so my grandma makes a dinner every thanksgiving THATS SOOOO BIG we dont have breakfast or lunch the next day.

  2. Please visit my new blog! I AM thankful for the beautiful world of nature, that hasn’t been destroyed by the government! Native American people like myself respect nature and all the beauty around us. Btw, my tribe is Blackfoot, from the Rockies we where a fierce fighting tribe.

    1. Cool blog:-) I love nature and am an outdoors lover. When I was a small child I was obsessed with birds, learned the names of local ones, got tons of books about them, and especially loved my collection of stuffed animal ones.

  3. Hey, I didn’t mean it that way! It was to raise money for Children in Need, it was only a bit of fun! They were only slaves for four periods. And all they did was work out crazy maths problems, referee a badminton game and one of them had a guitar!! I didn’t mean like racist slavery! DX And I’m thankful for nature, technology and my pets.

  4. I’m Cherokee andMexican, and I think German. And yeah, I think I still have relatives who live in Oklahoma, not on reservations though. My sister lives in Oklahoma. I did some research on Cherokees, they are a branch of the Iriquois?? I spelled that horribly wrong. But they lived in the state I live in now and many years ago migrated to the area of Tennessee. I probably spelled that wrong too:-)

    Then you probably heard of the Trail of Tears, in history class, where the Cherokee were forced to march to reservations in Oklahoma and many of them died. That’s probably how my relatives ended up there. Why I live where I live, however, is a mystery to me.

  5. My heritage is:
    German,Italian,cherokee indian,Scottish irish,american-a little to obvious I live in the usa soooo yeah.

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