5 Days of Thankfulness Day 2: Education

Well, sometimes im not, but in the long run, i am. I know most of us hate school and just wanna play video games all day. Well video games wouldn’t exist with someone learning something!!! In Egypt “School” is a factory were children are sold to so that thier familys can get enough money to put food on the table. So what do they do at the factory? They are forced to sit in small rooms for 23 hourse a day, hardly any time to eat or sleep, learning nothing EXEPT HOW TO WEAVE AND THAT THERE GONNA BE STUCK THERE TILL THERE HANDS ARE TO BIG FOR THE GOD D*** LOOM! No these arent rainbowlooms, these are looms for the giant carpet in your living room. Yes, this is what children 5-15 in egypt are doing. So dont buy that beutiful “Handmade rug. made in Egypt”. If you do buy it, screw you (and words that would get me banned from WordPress). Back in 2009 a girl, Malala Yousafzai (had to pull out the book to make sure i was right on spelling) was shot cause she was going to school. Here in America we do our school on the computer. And your still upset that you have to go to school…


3 thoughts on “5 Days of Thankfulness Day 2: Education

  1. technolllllloooooooooogyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    that’s what im thankful for!!!!

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