5 Days of Thankfulness Day 3: Technology

In many many contrys around the world, this isnt possible. This, right here. Me tapping this little device and words comming up! Or you clicking your little mouse and reading these words (as i stated before, those same contrys may not know how to read). Its amazing! It produces light, no fire required!!! AND IT HAS GAMES TOO! Building games, logic games, Zombie shooting games, cow games, dragon games, most free!! And some arent even used for fun. Some are used.for learning! Does your school require you to make a power point presentaion about Sinkholes (mine from 4 years ago :/ )? Or did you ever have a test on a computer? You use it more everyday. In each and every classroom, theres something on the smart board. Oo gosh! The possibilities! So sad that many people dont have them.


6 thoughts on “5 Days of Thankfulness Day 3: Technology

  1. Thanks to computers we no longer will have to take OGT tests (required to graduate) Instead we will take computerized tests that will only take 1 day, not a whole week like the written ones:-) I can’t imagine the reactions of people who have never seen technology before getting their first look at a computer. They’d probably think that we’re aliens from Mars (if they knew other planets exist)

    For some reason my comment won’t publish. I’m not blacklisted or marked as spam, am I???

    1. Strange. Ooh, ion an email or a word in a email i marked as spam, it will mark you as spam. (E.g i marked coldphoenix171 as spam, and that was part of his email so ill just got marked as spam.)

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