5 Days of Thankfulness Day 4: All My Family, And You Guys Too!

There are some unfortunate people that don’t have a family. Some slaves are sold from their family’s. Some people don’t have you! I’m thankful for all of you. Unless Ze God Of Big Butts is reading this.  -_-  NOOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU&!! NOOB! SO BACK ON TRACK. I’M THANKFUL THaT I HAVE FRIENDS TO TALK To. LIkE yOU GuyS. I ThINK mY CaPS lOCk is BroKeN. Fixed it. I trust you guys, and I know (most of) you trust me. I can let things out. And I’ve seen you guys let things out to! We get into fights, but that’s a principle of human socialization. Anyway, the thought of flooding maggieblue is already heartbreaking, but I think she’s managing, picking it up. She even made an SC world today! With the extremely little space she has! I inspired her. She inspired me (blog theme). Just A NevEr ENding cIRcle. My caps is broken?


6 thoughts on “5 Days of Thankfulness Day 4: All My Family, And You Guys Too!

  1. Aww:”) You’re so sweet. I’m so glad I have a place to let it all out, you guys are the only people I talk to during the day.

    I’m thankful for you all, especially the…ummm…interesting…conversationwith Whitestripe yesterday (not)

    I know I can be short tempered sometimes and I unintentionally start fights but no matter what happens I love talking to you guys and the thought of leaving wordpress almost broke my heart. *ok, I need to get it together here. I DO NOT EVER CRY, lol*

    Anyways, I hate wolves now. I have created 4 cruel mode worlds and on every one of them I got killed by a wolf. They spawn right outside (and sometimes inside) my shelter and attack me! How have you lasted so long, Spottedcloud?

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