So I just got a new email and I have a new plan to FAMOUSOSITY!!! I’m gonna start a YouTube channel and get an account. This is not gonna make any sense now but it will in a year or two.

So I’ve teamed up with Kandycat productions and Kitkat (her old name atleast). They r the same person. I am Cra-Cra and she will be (the modofied voice of) Murf. We havent decided who will be iCat, all we know is that he will be like squidward. Cra-Cra will anyo him (not meaning to) with Murf. iCat is a robot so he will shoot laserbeams if he gets to mad, but it rarely happens. So I have Flora, her tree house, and her pet Venessa planned out. I’m waiting for it to be approved though. So there you have it! You have meet Cra-Cra !!!!

Gotta go!


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