these dudes look fimiliar, ike?

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Survivalcraft 2013-11-30 19-46-01-


So yea,   2 bulls, dirt trees. Your world rocks!

77 thoughts on “these dudes look fimiliar, ike?

    1. You’re in, we are working out when your turn will be,turns last one day,you have to build your own room or house,it can be connected to the main one if you want

  1. Sorry I haven’t been around for a while been watching videos on youtube playing pokemon y and my godzilla unleashed I don’t know what it is with me and godzilla the sci fi movies themselves. But I’m back.

      1. Whoa!!! How did this comment get here?!?!?!?! This was supposed to reply to a comment on my real-life facebook account!!!! How in the world….did I copy and paste by mistake??? Haha lol. And it looks like it fits here too. How ironic wow. At least it ended up in a logical place.

  2. Actually I was looking on a DaveRave video and a comment that said though my name is Isaac Walker put me as Ike on the forums. (Or something like that, as I cannot find the comment anymore.)

  3. I am having the most tragic year of my life. My great-grandad died, my granny’s cat died, both of my gerbils died and now I might never see my mum’s boyfriend Jamie again. The only things I have to remember him is a bag his mum made for me and a box he took home from Zagreb in Croatia. And what makes it worse is how heartless my brother is. All of us, even my mum, cried apart from him. Me and my sister cried when Goldie and Frosty died, but my brother never did. I’m so heartbroken! All of this happening to me at once! Why me? :’-(

    1. Im so sorry! If you have a king James version bible read in the book of psalms,its very comforting. Boys usually won’t cry about stuff like that, he may be heartbroken but not want to show it. Someone I knew for a while died,and while I was sad, I didn’t cry. Hang in there Blackstone,you can pull through

    2. 😦 I know the overwhelming feeling. Both of my grandparents died in the same year, months apart. But I didn’t cry at all even though I was very close to them. But every time I hear the last verse of Amazing Grace, my grandma’s favourite song, I find it hard to hold back the tears.

  4. Spottedcloud in the future please don’t mess with other people’s builds, I looked at our world to see what you did and you messed with my watchtower, also remember to not use other people’s stuff and put yours away when finished

  5. Nothing looks wrong except the wolves, but I killed them. I have very little to do, but maybe I’ll make a house on the ice.
    Ps. Does anyone have a minecraft account, and wants to play a survival server with me?

  6. Link above. I got bored quickly, I have nothing else to contribute.
    And if anyone wants/ can play a survival server with me in minecraft, let me know.
    Ps. I found an issue with privacy that has been addressed.

  7. Hey spottedcloud I read your comment on my blog and I kinda tiny disagree. Alpacas ARE in the coding of the game. Megax didn’t make a texture for that alpaca because if you read it says its in the game database. I also found an alpaca in the game database. They are not programmed to spawn yet. I asked kaalus about it awhile ago and he determined it that they are actually in the database they just don’t spawn. That picture is no texture its real but doesn’t spawn yet. I think it probably can spawn though if you goo through the coding and make one spawn. Thats how the picture was taken.

  8. Ike or Blake (whitchever one put it up there) I want to apologize for invading Ike’ s private mines. I had no idea that was his mine and I thought we all shared mines. I never really looked down the entrance so when I ran into a cave I thought it was a community mine. I’m sorry, I’ll try to mine around in when it’s my turn.

    1. Its fine as long as you didn’t take any sulphur. I fixed the tower spotted cloud, it was supposed to be a storage/miltary watch tower. I left you a present spottedcloud

    In my next turn, I plan to put an administrative office were one can examine the rules, and write a complaint that only I can see. (Basically I will be in charge of the offices, and rules of the game. Not to be a dictatorship, but I will enforce the rules, and wants, and needs that have been addressed in the past will become rules. I, at the very least believe in democracy, and votes can be cast to remove the laws that I put up in the primary.) These offices will be built by me sort of like a information kiosk where you may be able to look over the rules. (It also makes it easier to view complaints, and address). This office should help in case we have any more problems. Please do not build the offices in your own turn (I need something to do).

    1. NO! We have the few basic rules:
      1, no stealing

      2,no messing with other people’s builds

      3,no killing other people’s animals.
      Any other rules are common sense,we don’t need an admin,and why make you the admin? It was my idea to start this world in the first place. Also,any complaints can be posted here,just have to be man(or woman) enough to speak out

  10. OOO! That’s a block tower? Sorry. Also, I couldent have the path running to my home an abandoned underground garden, so I renovated it.

    1. You know, I hated rhinos too! I have never NOT died of a rihno in cruel. Each time I lost a world, it was to a rihno. But then I saw one and it fell into a hole I intended to put my horses in, so I decided to keep it as a pet. Her name is Du Beast!


  11. I’m getting ready to work on a new sc world I’m planning to put on community content it’ll be a survival map.

    1. Go to the Our World page.

      P.S I couldn’t find Carmel in her stable when I first got into the world! Her stable door was open and she wasn’t in the town! Then I went to the dirt tree and found her wandering around a heard of gnus! Did u do this? Carmel is Upfederation’ s horse.

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