So I think I’ve told everyone on every blog dat I’ve started the Selfie Act (or at least told them to head here for the details)! So, what is a Selfie? Well its a picture of… your self! In this case, YOUR FACE ONLY (Rule #5). The only way to see others faces is to email me @ to get a password to a post and then post your selfie. heres dragon masters:

Basic Rules:

1. If you sign up for the Selfie-Act, you MUST post a Selfie.

2. The only way to view others Selfies is to sign up for the Selfie act.

3. Selfie can only contain your face.

4. BE AWARE OF YOUR BACKGROUND. Make sure there is nothing in your photo that gives away your Name, Adress, School, or any other information you do not feel comfortable sharing.

5. No shades, wigs, or hats. You signed up for this, so you agree to show your face, just your face, and only YOUR face.


These Are My Dragonflys…

A small poem:

These are my dragonfly’s,
They have not moved in a vary long time.
These are my dragonfly’s,
They are a mobile, held together by sticks and string.
These are my dragonfly’s,
They sense magic.
These are my dragonfly’s,
They sit far from any air vent in my room.
These are my dragonfly’s,
I believe in their magic.
These are my dragonfly’s,
Tonight, they moved.

Not One, But Two!

As you know, I as complaining yesterday (and somewhat today) abut no being able to upload photos through my new WINDOWS SURFACE!!! XD well I have just found not one, but TWO ways to upload photos!!!

Way # 1:

I uploaded it to a new place so I could find it when I used the "insert media" tool.
I uploaded it to a new place so I could find it when I used the “insert media” tool.

Way # 2:
I found a way to copy and paste it, but I think its too large to do it here


I haven’t had to tempt Horny into her cage for her night-time nap for over a survivalcraft week! I know I’ve trained her because at noon she’ll be wandering around near the front yard and then at sunset all i have to do is close her cage doors!

Fly away little ravens!!! XD

If your watching (American) football right niw, you can see that the ravens are getting there butts whioped by the patriots. Im not a big football fan (American, i dont want to confuse anyone) but i had nothing do so i sat down with my screaming step dad and some how managed to pay attention.