Fly away little ravens!!! XD

If your watching (American) football right niw, you can see that the ravens are getting there butts whioped by the patriots. Im not a big football fan (American, i dont want to confuse anyone) but i had nothing do so i sat down with my screaming step dad and some how managed to pay attention.


3 thoughts on “Fly away little ravens!!! XD

  1. My dad was watching Pittsburgh and Green Bay. He’s actually a Browns fan, but they suck. He doesn’t even care enough to yell at the T.V. anymore. I guess he’s used to his team losing:-)

    American Football bores me to death. But I can sit down and watch 10 hours of tennis. I think you can tell my dad was a tennis player in college when I knew the rules of tennis before I knew how to play kickball or tag:-)

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