Another Day Another Logo…

testing out the paint program on my new WINDOWS SURFACE! I suddenly found myself looking at yet, another Wolf Pack Gaming logo…

if only I could find a way to show you it….




4 thoughts on “Another Day Another Logo…

  1. Just save the pic. It will be in your pictures library. If not, search through files. You could then include it in a post. (Idk much about Windows Surface, just telling you what I know it will work on desktop computers.

    By the way, I’m maybe getting a new laptop. The one I’m considering is amazing! It has 1 TB of hard drive space. (I think there are 1000 GB in a TB) and 8 GB of internal memory. And, mind my nerdiness:-), a 4th gen Intel Core i7 processor. That means it’s VERY powerful. It will definitely support the animation software, and has amazing HD graphics too.

    And is a reasonable price of $900…so I have to work hard at my summer job for this, but totally worth it!

    Oh! And almost forgot to tell you the best part: it has fingerprint recognition. No more forgetting passwords! The future is here today!

  2. Just got this WINDOWS SURFACE!!!!! XD 2 days ago and I’m already jealous of someone else. -_-

    Also, I saved it to desktop and its not in photos. ANYONE HAVE A WINDOWS SURFACE!?!?!?!

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