So I think I’ve told everyone on every blog dat I’ve started the Selfie Act (or at least told them to head here for the details)! So, what is a Selfie? Well its a picture of… your self! In this case, YOUR FACE ONLY (Rule #5). The only way to see others faces is to email me @ to get a password to a post and then post your selfie. heres dragon masters:

Basic Rules:

1. If you sign up for the Selfie-Act, you MUST post a Selfie.

2. The only way to view others Selfies is to sign up for the Selfie act.

3. Selfie can only contain your face.

4. BE AWARE OF YOUR BACKGROUND. Make sure there is nothing in your photo that gives away your Name, Adress, School, or any other information you do not feel comfortable sharing.

5. No shades, wigs, or hats. You signed up for this, so you agree to show your face, just your face, and only YOUR face.



  1. Uhh…it would be cool to see what other people look like but I really don’t want to show you a pic of me…….the only one I’ll show you is the one from homecoming dance, cuz I looked really pretty. But not now. I just came home from basketball practice and I’m sweaty and my hair is terrible! Sooo…can you email me the password and I’ll maybe show you guys one???

  2. for some reason why I didn’t get the password yet and I kinda have already signed the only email I got was from youtube.

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