So I’m up in the mountians, in a condo called “The Foxhole”. If I were to take a picture of everything fox related in this condo, IDE break wordpress. My lil bro won’t stop singing “what does the fox say ?!?” When he sees the fox door knocker. So y so much fox? You’ll laugh when I tell you:

The guy who owns the place is named Michel Fox!

Also, no wifi and Kathy won’t let me use here iPad, so if I don’t reply as soon a you think I would, it’s cues there is little internet access up here.

I’ve also been working on the golden empire castle!!!



I know most of you live out in the country where it’s below zero and snow is getting annoying, but here, on the coast, your more likely to stumble across Atlantis that have it snow. Let alone have the ground turn white. Let alone have school cancelled BECAUSE OF SNOW!!!!!! THAT HAS ONLY HAPPEND TWICE IN MY LIFE!!! ONCE WHEN I WUZ 8 AND ONCE TODAY!!!!!! YAAAAYY!!!!

Good morning white world!!!! WTH?!?!?!? 4 1/2 INCHES!?!?!?!?!!!!!!! THEY SIAD WE WOULD ONLY GET 2!!!! I THINK I’M GONA DIE!!!!!

City of confusion

So Ike has made an “outer city”. It’s a wall of cobblestone around the “inner city”, which is we’re our houses, the lighthouse, stables, the bakery, and the courthouse are. In the outer city, we have nothing but the leaf highway (floating), the white tiger exhibit, my unfinished shooting arena, and a path out to my country. Things still spawn in the outer city, and I did get an occasional wolf after the move to the country, but with the new white bull, animals won’t spawn (sorry Ike, I really tried! The leafy highway helps though, ducks practically land on your head!). I’m working on the largest farm in history for the country, and an ice rink.

Your not gonna believe this….

I went to follow that weird sandstone then sand then cobble then wood block (just now discoverd the wood block) trail thing. As I was coming back…
Survivalcraft 2014-01-12 08-21-56-
Less than 5 blocks away from each other. I have two responses to this:

3 white bulls??? Is that even possible!?!?!?!

A white tiger! OMG I’ve only found 1 before this!

Also is OK that I went into C mode to take that pic?