City of confusion

So Ike has made an “outer city”. It’s a wall of cobblestone around the “inner city”, which is we’re our houses, the lighthouse, stables, the bakery, and the courthouse are. In the outer city, we have nothing but the leaf highway (floating), the white tiger exhibit, my unfinished shooting arena, and a path out to my country. Things still spawn in the outer city, and I did get an occasional wolf after the move to the country, but with the new white bull, animals won’t spawn (sorry Ike, I really tried! The leafy highway helps though, ducks practically land on your head!). I’m working on the largest farm in history for the country, and an ice rink.


2 thoughts on “City of confusion

  1. sounds like yall have alot nore done than meh on mah world. I have a duck commander statue, a big gray cat statue and an orca named bambi ._.

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