Your not gonna believe this….

I went to follow that weird sandstone then sand then cobble then wood block (just now discoverd the wood block) trail thing. As I was coming back…
Survivalcraft 2014-01-12 08-21-56-
Less than 5 blocks away from each other. I have two responses to this:

3 white bulls??? Is that even possible!?!?!?!

A white tiger! OMG I’ve only found 1 before this!

Also is OK that I went into C mode to take that pic?

10 thoughts on “Your not gonna believe this….

  1. What???? This must be a lucky world. I have still not found a white tiger. Then again, I never truly searched for one. If you posted this on Community Content I can guarantee it will be the very top downloaded world. If you put the 3 white bull and white tiger in the name.

    1. Did that. I said “White bull and White tiger”. In the world I said “Follow the compass to see 2 more white bulls. Lol. Autocorrect said tigger instead of tiger XD.

      The wonderful thing about tiggers, is tiggers are wonderful things! They bounce and bounce and bounce and….. WHERE THE CRAP DID THAT COME FROM!?!?!?!?!?

      1. Lol when I was 4 I was obsessed with watching Winnie the Pooh and my favourite character was Tigger and that’s why I loved cats ever since. So without Winnie the Pooh I wouldn’t love cats, my username would not be Maggieblue, and I probably wouldn’t have my blog. Yeh:-)

      2. My sis is still obsessed with pooh bear. Our neighbors name is Paul, but he works on an aircraft carrier and everyone calls him pooh. I feel bad for him.

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