I know most of you live out in the country where it’s below zero and snow is getting annoying, but here, on the coast, your more likely to stumble across Atlantis that have it snow. Let alone have the ground turn white. Let alone have school cancelled BECAUSE OF SNOW!!!!!! THAT HAS ONLY HAPPEND TWICE IN MY LIFE!!! ONCE WHEN I WUZ 8 AND ONCE TODAY!!!!!! YAAAAYY!!!!

Good morning white world!!!! WTH?!?!?!? 4 1/2 INCHES!?!?!?!?!!!!!!! THEY SIAD WE WOULD ONLY GET 2!!!! I THINK I’M GONA DIE!!!!!


16 thoughts on “SNOW DAY!!!!!

  1. It’s been a hard winter where I live. Might get most of this week off. Which is ok except I want it to warm up since the pipes in the house froze and we have no water. I have to go to a neighbours if I want to take a shower!

  2. Also, if you are wondering why we don’t have school when there is only 4 1/2 INCHES of snow, it’s because we don’t have “proper” snow plows. Just dump trucks with plows on the front. And for some stupid eco-problem, we can’t use salt so we use sand instead. I just got back from outside ^-^ Awesome!!!!!!!

  3. Take all of our snow!!!!!Im SICK of snow.Its been a hard winter for us, living in a farm town cus alot of kids cant ride to school in bad weather cus they are in the country (like the whole town except spread out) I want spring already!

    1. Yea. School is cancelled AGIAN cause so.e kids have to ride 1:30 to school. We have literally like 30 differnt busses for KEMPS and ODC. The good thing about that: If just ONE bus can’t make it to ONE stop, school is cancelled FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!! MORE STUDY TIME!!!!!!!! (Lol)

    1. 2 hour delay. But no school 4 ME! XD it was originally supposed to be a staff day today, so we planned a trip to go skiing in the mountians. If IP adress search is correct, I might have a collision with Ze God Of Big Butts.

      I don’t see y we are driving 4 hours for snow when we just got 2 days off because of it.

  4. @ the lodge. The dude that owns it must love foxes. If I were to take a pic of everything to do with foxes in this condo, Ide break wordpress. I’ve heard of people having foxes but Ide rather not stay in a lodge that a fox lives in. :/

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