Ok, first question you probly have:
WTF? Alpaca horse? Who and why would you breed that?
Answer: He’s not actually the offspring of an alpaca (sadly..). He has Cushings desease (yes, a horse with cushings desease) which causes him to grow lots of hair, giving him a fluffy appearance. He is old (my instructor took lessons on him) and hasn’t been ridin in a LOOOOONG time (he doesn’t have shoes!!).

How we met: one day a few weeks (mabye a month) ago, I saw a small, fluffy pony in the stall next to me, while I was tacking up Ralph. He was mostly white with a brown sploch covering his face and another on the other side of is fat tummy. My instructor, Ms. Jamie, was standing in the doorway, so I asked her about the horse. “Ohh, him? That’s Napoleon. But most people just call him Nappy, for short.” She said. “He looks like he’s half alpaca! He so fluffy! Can I ride him some time?” I asked. “Hahaha! He’s vary old. I don’t know if you can ride him. I used to take lessons on him!” Ms.Jamie said, reaching her hand into his stall and petting his long, fluffy mane.

As the weeks went on, I continued to refer to Nappy as Alpaca Horse. The name has begun to stick, but when we tell the horse to do something, we say Nappy so we don’t confuse him.

-A few weeks later-

As I was tacking up Scooter I noticed a bridle that said “Nappy” on it. I showed Ms.Jamie and sure enough, it fit Nappy. After putting Scooter back in his stall (after the lesson, of course) I noticed a little boy riding a small pony without a saddle. He was about 7 or 8 and an instructor had the pony on a lead line. “Who is that?” I asked, for not many boys rode at this farm. “Hmm. That looks like (I forget her name) and her son. Wow, no saddle. She’s tough on him!” Ms.Jamie said “And is he riding…is that… Alpaca Horse?!” I said squinting my eyes. “Wow! It is!” Said Ms.Jamie . “Maybe I’ll let you ride him some day.”

-This week-

As I was trotting around the ring with Mary, two other girls rushed over to the gate. ” Ms.Jamie, can we join your lesson today?” Said one. “Sure.” Replied Ms.Jamie. “Which horse should we ride?” Said the other girl. “One of you can ride Baby and the other can ride… how about Nappy.” Ms.Jamie said before telling us to two-point. They both looked at Ms.Jamie as if she had just grown wings, then rushed off as quick as they had come.

A few minutes later I saw that small, fluffy, pony I had saw a few weeks ago walk in. At first he wouldn’t move. I think he was suprised that someone was riding him (in a lesson, too!) But after a while he warmed up and started to walk instead of crawl (which is like a vaaarrry slow walk) but it was hard to get him to trot (we couldn’t canter on him). Finally, after what seemed like hours of cantering on Scooter, it was my turn to ride him. After adjusting the sturups, I went up to Nappy’s face (I almost had to look down) and said “Now you fuffy pony, I will finally ride you, and you will listen! I am the reason your out here today.” And he did! He listend! He trotted for me (his trot is funky in a fun sorta way) and didn’t put up a fight when changing directions, unlike some other horses in the arena (Dan!).

After the lesson I put him in his stall and fed him a carrot. It was easy to pick hooves with no shoes on them, and the amount of hair that came off that poof ball was unbelievable. THATS when mom told me he had Cushings Desease. But no matter how fluffy or unfluffy he is, he will always be an alpaca horse to me ^-^


8 thoughts on “ALPACA HORSE!!!!!!! :D

  1. I have a quarter horse / belgian mix at my grandpas farm.His name is zach and you cant put a saddle on him or he freaks out and will bite and kick you. So he prefers to be sat on without a saddle while hes eating. i get worried about him because the pasture with the horses is partly in the woods and there have been mountain cat sightings lately and a mountain cat was recently shot like 2 miles away frim the farm…

  2. Random comment: the name Nappy makes me think of the old game called ‘Mappy’…that had to be made in the 80s…fun little game though. (I should become a history teacher! Wait, no…a video game history teacher! They should make a class about that:-)) so anyways…

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