A risk I should take?

So my sister has become obsesed with making “YouTube Videos” even though she has no E-mail adress, let alone a YouTube account. I think it started when she saw me making videos (she is also a Cupquake lover) and now she is “LOL5, Survivalcraft and Minecraft YouTuber”. She talks about “Secrets in Minecraft and Survivalcraft” (example: Fake mods, Fake things kaalus is adding in future updates, fake animals, she even pretends she has a screen recording app XD). Ahh, if only she knew what her sister was doing riiiiiiggggghhht nooooooowwwww…..

Which leads me to:
I might want to give her a WordPress blog… UNDER STRICT SISTER PROMISES WE HAVE TO KEEP.
so Wada u say?
Should I give her 1?


18 thoughts on “A risk I should take?

      1. Umm…that doesn’t help. But I’m rather undecided on this one. Just be sure she’s safe and doesn’t give her personal information away. I’d say ask a parent but if you’re like me and your parents don’t know that you even have a blog…uhh…just make sure she doesn’t come in contact with Ze God of Poop…lol

      2. kk. c her in two weeks. Ill say that one of the promises IS no giving any personal info away. the consequence for breaking a promise: BOTH of us will reveal our blogs.

      1. Make sure you get pokemon bank.
        You can store up to 3,000 Pokemon and transfer them between x and y games on 1 3ds. Only have to pay 5.00 $ a year and you can get a free level 10 Celebi (Event Only Pokemon)…. Just go to the E-Shop and pokemon bank! Today! 😀

    1. Sorry, no pokebank. It would be showing mom I hacked the parental controls…. I have my brothers 3DSXL and I could use it to put Yveltal in X (when I get him).

      P.S could you breed a celebi 4 me? Just use a ditto.

      1. Sorry Celebi belonge to the No Eggs Discovered Group in the egg groups thing for breeding meaning it can’t be bred..
        Sorry 😦

  1. Sceptile is my favorite. Beats other pokemon in one hit. I even beat one of the most powerful pokemon in history with sceptile. When there is a 2 v 2 match. He does all the work. Yep I used to play pokemon (ive played everything), until I became an xbox gamefreak.
    I almost beat the game if it wasnt for those poisonous pokemon battling me. 😦

  2. SPOTTEDCLOUD. I recently got yeah bombed on Miiverse, so my notifications refreshed. Can you un-follow and re-follow me again? Thanks. I met someone’s who’s name was grace. But it wasn’t you. And, what’s your Nintendo ID?

  3. Ok. Thanks SPOTTEDCLOUD. My Nintendo ID is bubbamarlon and my name is Marlon Neveu. Or it might be just Marlon. So, yeah. I’ll follow you.

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