I JUST GOT A PHIONE ON WANDER TRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friend got a manaphy and the phiones she got, she traded them for DEOXYS, GENESECTS, AND MELLOETAS!!! I TALKED 2 HER LITTERLY 10 MINUTES AGO!!!!!!! HOW IRONIC IS THAT?!?!?!?!?


36 thoughts on “O MY FREAKING GOD!

  1. Cool I tried wonder trading a phione and got a sigylph in the process! :-/ that was so stupid

  2. Oh it finally happened to me today!!! I beat the living fuuuuu….dge out of ballos on cave story Like it took me 2 tries/fails today to defeat him. And I just got the wind fortress, boss attack and sanctuary (Hell) time attack after beating him.
    🙂 so happy

  3. Here’s my team (warning their all level 100s):

    Kyurem serperior greninja lucario blaziken and yveltal!

      1. I’ll challenge u to a battle I’m getting back on. And I figured out u can just trade him right back because he’ll be registered in your pokedex as soon as u get him so u can view him any time in there in the national or mountain kalos part.

    1. I’ll check how to do action replay and get the kalos legends as shines. (Yveltal looks like bacon)

    1. bcause my mom doesnt like the internet…. Or anyone that uses the internet and she already doesn’t like me and that would make everything worse. also, If she knew I had a blog she would take it down, and thats why I only trust dad with anything internet related.

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