top 10 least favorite pokemon

Even before I got my x and y, there were Pokémon I just didn’t like people mentioning. Whether they were, stupid, useless, or just down right wrong when you don’t know anything about them, I still hate most of them.

10. Magickarp. I caught one and named it MagiKRAP. the pokedex says it itself, ITS USELESS. and even when you want to evolve it into the bad-butt gyradose, it took TWENTY FREAKING LEVELS! PLEASE I DONT HAVE THAT TIME FOR A STOOPID MEGA EVOLUTION!But anyway, on to my next least favorite

9. Genesects. If you don’t know anything about pokemon, your probly gonna hear what I first heard when b/w came out. I thought it was a deoxys at first. Don’t get me wrong, its a pretty darn powerful Pokémon, BUT IT IS SO OVERRATED! GENESECTS THIS, GENESECTS THAT, GENESECTS ATE MY PANTS! O MY GOD SHUT UP ABOUT THE STUPID ROBO BUG!!!

8. The Mareep Family. Once again, another case of I-don’t-have-time-to-evolve-something-just-for-a-mega-evolution. AND IF YOUR GOING TO PASS BY THAT SKIDO FARM, YOU BETTER PACK SOME PARALISE HEAS BECAUSE F THE STUPID MAREEP HOARDS.

7. Mewtwo.  Once again, a pretty powerful Pokémon. But besides that, its a bully in a Pokémon form. I mean, I knew the mew/mewtwo plot LOOOOONG before x and y even came out. Mewtwo is a clone of mew that’s “So Much More Powerful”. so what about mew? exactly. Making a clone of mew is just saying “OK mew, your speices has served its perpose. now you can die in a hole”. When I lost that battle with m2 in x, I didn’t try to restart for a reason. I could honestly have a whole seprate post about how mean mewtwo is to mew, but im gona stop here.

6. Exeggcute. Don’t look at the name. THESE EGGS ARE NOT CUTE! once again, another poke-reject that can be found on delinquent (skido farm) route. ENOUGH SAID.

5. The Lickatung Family. Also known as the Miley Cyrus Family. Moving on….


3. Jynx. Creepeist, most useless piece of crap you can find in a stupid ice cave. it was also racist if you look back in the previous genorations when its skin wasn’t purple… IT WAS BLACK.

2. Wobbefet. The I-gotta-go-pee pokemon. definition of wasted time and battle moves.



19 thoughts on “top 10 least favorite pokemon

  1. You should actually feel bad for wobuffet because the tail is the pokemon the TAIL!!! Is the real thing the rest is a puppet the only reason why hate is…… dat F-ing shadow tag ability screw that.

  2. +look at golbats old pokemon green sprite it’s tounge is like whaaaaaaaaaatttt!!! Oh and arceus is more powerful than mewtwo because on arceus and the jewel of life arceus almost murdered dialga and palkia. Giratina was the only 1 surviving against arceus in that movie.

      1. Could I have arceus? I’ll give you my shiny emboar for it!
        I need the new OP pretty pink princess named fairy arceus..

      1. I was thinking of a 2DS just because it’s cheaper. Only $129. If only I could get my parents to get me one for my birthday next month. I’m already trying to get a Chromebook (a lot of you may think these are crap but I don’t have a computer anyway. They can cost as low as $199.).

  3. Hey did you just get that arceus back because I was going to play pokemon amie and arceus appears on my screen and I click on it and it says: Grace’s Arceus 1:affection point. Just saw that I’ll try to show you the picture I took of it.

      1. It’s from twitch plays pokemon… the helix fossil is omanytes fossil.

  4. Yep even I was stupid enough to stay up for 10 hours a day to watch Twitch Plays Pokemon Red.. xD Myself xD.

  5. Level 36 ATV the Venomoth the Dragon Slayer Takes out Lances level 62 Dragonite! xD ATV. “Twitch Plays Pokemon” 2:00 Hours of traveling in The safari zone not included.

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