Wronng Time 2 Scratch

I don’t think ive told you, but I play scratch ( http://www.scratch.mit.edu ) and I have been working on a project for A WHOLE MONTH. its for skystars 5 years of being on scratch (BUT ITS A SECERT SO SHUSHY!) and guess what? SCRATCH SEVERS WILL BE DOWN FOR 3 HOURS STARTING AT 10 AM EDT! AND GUESS WHAT? I DID A BUTT LOAD OF WORK ON THE PROJECT! AND GUESS WHAT? NOW IT WONT SAVE THAT CRAP LOAD OF WORK I DID ON SKYSTARS PROJECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you may be sorry “for all the inconvences this may cause” BUT DOES SORRY SAVE A PROJECT I WORKED ON 4 TWO HOURS!?!?!?!?!  NO! AND NOW IM SORRY THAT YOU *The rest of this post was deleted because it was too violent to show on any wordpress site. Thank you for bloging with wordpress!*


7 thoughts on “Wronng Time 2 Scratch

  1. Caught, you spelled blogging wrong in the last sentence!
    Nice to meet you, I’m Katmint Katrina Kitty, faithful Warriors reader and also now following your blog! :3

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