Murf is here!

Murf came over today. we is deciding on cra crays colors. derp X)


13 thoughts on “Murf is here!

  1. how to get a goods night rest
    1.wait 10 minutes before bedtime
    2.go to YouTube
    3.look up “lights out shortfilm” on the first video that comes up
    5.turn your lights out one by one
    6.go to bed

  2. hello mate, im going around every blog i see, going to new ones everyday. so far I’ve reached maggie blue, ashlyn, you, and david the great blogger, i do skits and ideas in minecraft, if you would like to then go check it out and like & subscribe! anyways, it’s really late and i plan on reaching every blog so, it’s gonna take a long time to get to everyblog in one day, if i can i will try to put all my stories on a blog, if i every make one. well i have to go, see you later mate! good day and good bye!

    MP ⓕⓣⓦ

    1. I left a comment on your recent video bro 🙂 the names DM yo! Oh and my MC username is iclax77 if you might wanna find me. 🙂

    1. hi. srry, meh wifi wuz down for my 3ds and I traded away my arcues. made a new post. wut time zone is u on? ill wake up at 7;00, maybe start playing at 7:30… also, du u want a melloetta?

      1. U still have it.. Don’t blame me for knowing! Blame pokemon Amie and other people’s pokemon appearing on the screen I just saw the arceus today when I click on the arceus it says:
        Grace’s Arceus… he he true thing!

      2. And I’m okay if you want to hide that arceus it’s yours anyways but word of advice go to the pokemon village and find the pixie plate then give it to arceus and use him in battle you’ll see

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