Pokemon Movie 4

k, so since ihascupquake stopped making oasis vids and that was like, my escape rout from life, I started watching the pokemon anime movies. 1, 2, and 3 were good BUT OMG CELEBI VOICE OF THE FOREST ROCKED ALMOST (if not, than just) AS HARD AS ARCEUS AND THE JEWL OF LIFE.

                                                         *SPOILERS AHEAD. PROCEDE ONLU IF YOU HAVE WATCHED*

When Sam had to leave, I thought that maybe he was Ash’s dad, naming his son after his future-friend (little did he know this was his friend).

But about 3 minutes later my theory was disproven (skruw u oak). But u know, that’s still cool, because know we know his first name X) Samuel Oak (come on, Sam is always just a nickname. You’re not going to name your kid just  “Sam” and live with it) CAUSE THATS JUST HOW THE WORLD WORKS!

You catch the legendary in the master ball they give you, CAUSE THATS JUST HOW THE WORLD WORKS

You use ditto’s for breeding, not battling, CAUSE THATS JUST HOW THE WORLD WORKS

You always transfer your legendry’s to the next game BECAUSE THATS JUST HOW THE WORLD WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EVERYTTHING EXEPT FOR EXEGGCUTES EVOLUTION LINE IS LOGICAL, AND THATS WHY IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!           Happy Easter.



5 thoughts on “Pokemon Movie 4

  1. Hey!!! 😀 I AM BACK!!! And grounded as of the time I write this and I am suspended from school TOMMAROW!!!!!! xD

    1. Good god dragon! What’s up??? Out of all my years, I have never managed to get suspended, how the f*** did u manage to pull this one off?

      P.S typing with the lousy touchscreen cause some PHAT BUTT TOOK MY KEYBOARD!!!!!!! 😠😠😠

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