Some people are just strange…

When it comes to me using that word “Stop”, people like maggieblue don’t seem to understand what in saying! But then she uses that word Stop as if she knows what it means! To me, it just makes no sense. I mean, I think everyone has learned by now that you do what I want you to do, or you get burned. But veubeke hadn’t learned that (so I admit, I was a little harsh on him) and I do have a tendancy to get that final (but hilarious) blow of troll out and then not go for about… meh… a month or two before someone realy screws up. And I come on guys, YOU STARTED USING THE FANCY WORDS!!! REALY? You ALL know, I hate the fancy words. They make no sense! So don’t you think it was quite obvious that I was going to ignore them? I mean seriously maggieblue, what are you going to do when you see this word?; maggieimsorryiwashavingarealybaddaythenpeoplestartedusingthe fancywordsthenmysisterwantedtokillmeandhonestlyiregretwhatidid causenowimbannedfromtwowebsites onethatibeliveisthelastplacewereihavefriends ;( ;( ;( ;( (it helps when you read it aloud)

40 thoughts on “Some people are just strange…

  1. 😦 I don’t know what it takes to get it in your head that what you did was not ok. On June 1 you will no longer be banned. However you are no longer an author and that decision is final.

    1. Ok, I still don’t get what u mean. So your throwing me away forever? No more spottedcloud on your blog? The last original gone? Less that a week ago you didn’t want me to leave. Now you’re banning me? … Fine. Then this is the last you hear from me *walks away as cold wind blows*

  2. But you were the comical relief of the website. Everyone there is like “survival craft this survival craft that” I’m not saying I don’t like survival craft it’s just, it’s to dry for me really. Hope I don’t get banned for making this comment 😒

    1. I did get banned. And she has removed me from the position of author. And any other position. I hope maybe she’ll recognize that I understand I’ve made a mistake. (Also, yes I am the funny one X) )

    2. At least your still here. Your the original original. Also, since maggieblue has show such disregard for my apology (and you know how I feel about people not accepting my apalogys ) You are now commentclans deputy. I believe you have definitely earned the position.

    3. Do you seriously think I’m that mean? I feel really bad about doing this. I don’t want to. But what matters more is keeping my word and being honest.

      Of course you’re not banned. I wanted to change the site from a ‘talk about your life blog’ to an official site. Mostly for the views. More search engines will index my site now, and that brings more views. Which leads to my point in redoing the site- to help others with Survivalcraft.

  3. Ok, if you want to play this game then go ahead. I know you’re just going to edit this comment to something really stupid and perverted but right now I don’t give a #### about that. Learn to accept a punishment. I mean, seriously. You have to run here and gather all your “friends” to help you?! Go back to the 2nd grade!

    And I don’t care if all of you hate me and think I’m a horrible person. Rules are rules. You break them, there are consequences. And Spottedcloud doesn’t seem to be mature enough to understand that.

  4. When I was in the second grade a kid through a shoe at me while I was standing by a tree and he said to a teacher I was spying and I was so depressed because that was the only time I have ever gotten in trouble 😁😅 🌲

    1. lol. The internet is not the only place I get in trouble. I grief people that grief noobs. I have a chest labeled “supplies 4 noobs” near spawn and I now think its not just noobs stealing… so I made a contraption to shoot anyone with armor at the chest from my house. (and that, is where I get most of my enchanted amor.

    2. Lol. The only time I got in trouble that year was because some guy in class stole my pencil sharpener and dumped all the shavings on the floor by my desk and blamed me 🙂 And I got in trouble for “talking back” to the teacher when telling her it wasn’t me. Lol I wish I could go back to 2nd grade honestly.

      1. You guys make me look evil! I got in trouble because this guy in class that sat next to me liked to cut himself (yes, like out of depression and stuff {isn’t our world great?}) and one day he cut himself on the leg and apparently it hurt more than he wanted it too or something like that (lets just say he wanted to go to the nurse and he knew they wouldent let him if he told them he had cut himself in the leg) so guess how he blames it on. Yep. The person next to him. (and keep in mind this was 2nd grade so the teacher hated me) You have no idea how good life is to you

      2. Yes I got punished! (He blamed another person not less then a week or so after me) I told everyone but no one believed me. Don’t even get me started on Julie’s story…. (ok late) so there was this evil girl named Julie and she told me to step on her foot. So I listened to her. Apparently she had broken a toe or something like that (to b continued)

      3. On that foot and got sent to the nurse. I shouldn’t have listened to her but they all though I had done it for no reason! Then I told the teacher that Julie had TOLD me to step on her foot and that I did not do it for no reason. She replied “I don’t believe you.” That was the first time in my life anyone had ever said anything like that. And it hurt. It was the worst pain I had ever felt in first grade. Maybe my whole elementary school. Yes, the worst pain did not come from any injury, but from words. The words of a teacher. And thier supposed to be teaching?

      4. Wow…I feel so bad for you. 😦 my mom is a teacher. I know that she tries to make her best judgment about things. But if someone came up to you and told you that they TOLD you to hurt them, that’s hard to believe. Until like 5 years later in a situation like this 🙂

        Probably the most hurtful thing for me was in 8th grade. I tore my ACL during a basketball game. I was sitting there on the floor holding my knee in pain. After the game the other team came up to me, like 3 ft in front of me and dropped down on the floor pretending to be hurt. Staring right at me and laughing. I had to have 2 knee surgeries. I can never play sports again. I wish all of them had to go through that and see if they’d laugh…

  5. I don’t play sports, I ride tho, wait let me rephrase that, I DID RIDE UNTIL MY GRAMPA SOLD MY HORSEY, yes I know it sucks, apparently he sold him because you can’t ride him with a saddle, you just sit on his back like a cartoon frog waiting for a fly to come by. Well I guess it isn’t all bad tho… He’s keeping the calmest ones Samson and Lydia and Ruth which is going to die this summer (she is twice my age) and Doc which my uncle is taking to his house this summer.

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