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    Frank stared at them, glancing from Raven to Enbyer, completely wide-eyed. How dare he hit Raven? How dare he try to intimidate her in the first place! But at the same time, he was pretty impressed with his girlfriend. She hadn’t even let herself be afraid of him, and he straight up touched her- physically hurt her -and it didn’t make her freak out. Plus she had taken out the angel so Frank made a mental note to himself to not get on Raven’s bad side. He really wanted to go over to her to see if she was alright, but he thought better of it. Not with an inkling in his head. He had to control himself. ..Could he control himself?

    Obviously not. In that single moment of self doubt, the ginger found himself flung to the back of his own mind, his thoughts and willpower being cut off from his body. No, no, no! Get out! Come on, switch, switch! But the inkling already synced with his mind. Frank had been thrown out of control.

    Kai shoved forward, immediately releasing a scream as the blade of Kiriban’s sword dug into his arm. A mixture of ink and blood splattered and gushed from the wound. Ughh, he didn’t want to lose consciousness before he could even kill the human! Kairi should have done this. She knew healing spells. But it didn’t matter, he’d have to be quick. The hanyou had already ripped his sword from the wall, pointing the tip at his throat and gently pressing the side underneath his chin.

    “Frank. Don’t make me kill you. Please, sir.”
    “Frank’s not here,” Kai said smugly, “it’s just me.” He tried to side-step Kiriban, but the teenager was faster, this time jabbing him in the stomach to create a small wound. Was this kid trying to startle Kai? Or was it just an act of intimidation? Either way, it wouldn’t work. What a disgrace! He studied Kiriban’s face, taking in every detail. Sharp teeth, muscular, dark skin, yellow eyes..huh, but also much smaller than his host. Frank was, by no means, strong, but Kai was. He touched Kiriban’s blade lightly with a finger, letting ink enwrap the long fang. It was enough to make the hanyou let out a small shriek and jump back, moving the sword from Frank’s neck. That was Kai’s chance. He turned Frank’s arm to ink, whacking Kiriban so hard that he stumbled and fell over, dropping Senketsu on the ground with a loud clatter. The inkling quickly ran over and kicked him hard, then yanked him up and slammed the dark boy hard against the wall. Blood now dripped from the back of Kiriban’s head, and his nose and mouth. He clutched Frank’s arm tightly, looking up at Kai with a pleading look in his eyes.

    “Please,” he croaked, “I know you don’t want to hurt me. If you can’t control him, you’ll kill me. Then you’ll turn and kill Raven. Then everyone else, one by one, and then you’ll kill yourself. Frank, you’re strong. Get him out of your head.” Kiriban was trying hard to stay calm. Frank wasn’t going to kill him. He wouldn’t. Even if Kai tried, Frank would be so against it that it’d surely make it impossible for the inkling to touch him. Right? That’s right. He wasn’t going to die. Frank wouldn’t let the inkling kill him. The hanyou glanced up, relieved to see a smiling face. It was surely Frank.

    “You’re right, Kiriban,” he started. Kiriban let out a relieved sigh. Good, Frank was in control. It would be oka-
    Everything was going black way too fast. Oh dear God, what was happening to him?! Then it hit him. The searing pain in his chest. Forcing his eyes to clear, the hanyou suddenly saw the problem. His chest was being ripped apart by his best friend, who was used a giant dried shard of ink to pierce him in he first place. “If he can’t control me, he will kill you,” Kai finished, then threw up a hand and slammed it into the wound. Kiriban released a cracked scream of utter terror as he felt..oh God..he literally could FEEL the limb being forced inside his body, scraping bones and muscles and other parts as it clawed at his back, until at last it broke the skin. Frank stood there with an arm going straight through Kiriban, bursting out his back in a bloody mess. A twisted expression was across the ginger’s face, and he seemed overjoyed to be watching. Flesh and blood stuck to both their faces and bodies, gushing way too quickly out of Kiriban. The worst part was he couldn’t even fight back. His body had gone numb, unable to cope with such a large amount of pain at once. Frank cracked down once more, breaking his ribcage apart. Kiriban hated being a hanyou. He hated being part demon. His body desperately worked to fix and regenerate rather than just let him die a quick death. This was getting dragged on, and on, and on. He was in utter pain and shock, unable to do anything but gape at the situation. What had he gotten himself into. He didn’t want to die! He didn’t want to, he didn’t want to! He was part demon, he surely wasn’t going to get into Heaven! He was supposed to live for a really long time! Oh God, he failed. He failed. He failed. He failed. His body was being horrifically disassembled before his eyes, and he couldn’t even fight back. The hanyou released a loud scream as fingers dug into his eye sockets, a sickening pop being heard a second later. He couldn’t see he couldn’t see he couldn’t see! So much blood was lost, and his body was finally slowing regeneration. Kiriban realized he as bleeding out. He was dying. And several moments later, he felt Kai’s grip loosen, then release him.

    “Kiriban! I tried, I promise you! I-”
    “Stop making EXCUSES! YOU ARE A MURDERER, FRANK KEPLER, AND I FUCKING HATE YOU,” Kiriban felt claws extend from his hands, and swung mindlessly at the air. His claws raked against skin, and he felt them rip up what he assumed was Frank’s arm. The other teenager didn’t even bother trying to stop him. “I thought..I..” Kiriban could barely breathe. His sentence crumpled in his mind. He could feel nothing but pain, anger, and hatred, and was directing them all at the one person he was supposed to be protecting. “I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY FRIEND!” The hanyou didn’t move again.

    Frank’s vision was completely blurred over with tears. No. No no no no no no no. He did not just violently take apart his friend’s body. This was a nightmare. He was dead, and this was Hell. Frank had died. That was what was happening. His arm stung from Kiriban’s claws. Blood seeped horribly from them both. They were covered head to toe in blood and wounds, but the difference was that Frank was still alive. That served as a painful reminder that this was, indeed, real. It was real and he was a monster. No,he was worse than a monster. He was a pawn of the inklings. And this was their sick game. Blood and bits of skin and other bodily parts and fluids soaked his arms, clothes, and face. Raven had seen this entire thing, oh God. This horrific, unreal, fantasy of an event. Frank realized that not only was he a murderer, he was a bloody serial killer. Seven. Seven people by his hand. Holy fucking shit.

    “Wasn’t that fun? Now lets try something el-” in a moment of utter rage, Frank grabbed the cat by its back leg and slammed it as hard as he could against the ground, hearing a stomach wrenching crack as he let go of the lifeless inkling. He regretted it as soon as it happened. Not killing Kai, but letting him die so quickly. That cat deserved so much worse. This did not make up for Kiriban’s death. Not in the slightest. This is what Frank had become. He was coldhearted, cruel, and fucking psychotic. He sat down, scooping up Kiriban’s disassembled body in his arms, and hugged the lifeless figure, pressing their foreheads together gently. Tears streamed down his face, blood gushed from his wounds, and he couldn’t even do anything other than wallow in utter grief.


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