Ok, more of an explaination on Everlast High

Okay as you can see I’ve deleted the past few post because SOME ONE WITH NO NAME didn’t like them -_- (I want no comments from you regarding this issue) However I managed to calm myself down a bit and write up a basic description about Everlast High (you can read more about it here: http://therpandstoryblog.wordpress.com/everlast-high/ But don’t get to exited cause I havent done much with it)

Its a story about a 15 year old girl named Veyana that (like all 15 years olds in the story) gets sent off to a high school with only one chance of getting out: kill or get killed, without getting noticed of course. If someone is killed, a session is held over them. In that session, there are three Chosen. Its the “class’s” (25 randomly selected students and Everlast High) job to select one of the Chosen to be the Sufferer- The one they believe is guilty. But how do they TRUELY know if he/she is guilty? What if they simply don’t like the person they chose to be Sufferer? That’s where the Skentors come in. Skentors are human like creatures that know what the truth is, because they can read others minds, and they don’t sleep, so they cant miss any action. There are three Skentors (at the start of the story 😉 ) and before execution of the Sufferer, the judge (usually the principle Ms.Pendersen ) asks the Skentors if the class has chosen correctly. If the class has chosen correctly, then the Sufferer is executed. If the class chose incorrectly, the Sufferer is freed and returns to his/her family. No mater what the class continues with their life in the high school. After surviving at the high school for 5 years, you are freed from Everlast High. However most people rarely survive past 3.


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