Not So Daily Dare…

I found another one…

Ask your parents what they would have named you if you were born the opposite gender

Well apparently no matter what gender I was my parents were still going to name me after someone on moms side of the family. Laurence The scary part is Uncle Laurence died in a car crash a few weeks before I was born, so I never actually got to meet him… I will someday 0:)


13 thoughts on “Not So Daily Dare…

  1. Dis gets a bit personal for me since I’m adopted. My parents that adopted me said if I was a boy they would have named me Aaron. And my middle name would be the name of my grandpa on my dad’s side. But I forget his name, he died before I was born. My biological parents, I dunno what they would have named me. But they’re Mexican and my biological siblings have Mexican names. So I’m guessing my name would be along those lines. Wow I just told you a lot about my family…but you will never EVER find out my first name…or last name. Mwahahahaha!

    It’s so weird…you’re actually calling me by my cat’s name. My cat gets all the fame and glory for what I do online. Not fair!

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