I don’t know if I’ve ever told any of you, but my step mom absolutely hates me. He first language was Spanish, then she learned English when she was about 7 or 8. She also loves going on and on about how she was the most perfect child that existence has ever know and she absolutely ADORES pointing out every single flaw in my life… She even makes up a few! I havent gone a single week without hearing her and dad fight, and if I had, its because I wasn’t around the two or dad was lucky enough to be able to get the hell away from her for that long (and even then they where probably fighting over e-mail or something. Basically the only reason she married him is so she could have the money…
Wait, Spottedcloud, didn’t you say you live out in the country?
Wait, Spottedcloud, didn’t you say your family is struggling economically?
Yes, yes, all that is true. But like most people, I live a weird life. I’m pretty sure I’ve told you all that my Mom and dad are divorced (and if I havent, then there you go). Don’t feel bad, its been that way for the past 10 years of my life (im twelve right now, but my b-day is in October) and its not like they fight over me or anything. ANYWAY BACK ON SUBJECT.
My dad comes from a wealthy Italian family (and you probably know this if you’ve been on MC with me) that turned the city I live in from a collection of farms and fields into a legitimate city with skyscrapers and highways. And they got a shitload of money in the process. My mom, on the other hand, wasn’t even born in this state. In fact, im the only person on my moms side of the family that WAS born in this state (unless you count very distant cousins). They all grew up somewhere south west of here (and that’s a lot of places, considering we live near the northern tip of the east coast) and somehow all ended up clustered in VA. So now where here. My step dad is a detective and my mom is a therapist that gets paid very little for some reason (I mean, don’t most people with medical jobs get a lot of money?). We literally got the house appraised yesterday (that’s what its called when they see how much your house is worth, right?), and moms already looking for a new place.

So yes. Here I am, stuck between rich and poor. What am I supposed to do?

That answer your questions? Good! (and if you said no, TOO FRIGGIN BAD!)Now that I can go on, im going to say what I had planned to do when I came here:
Like I said, Katy (my step mom) LEARNED English. However, like most languages, I have a feeling when she was being taught, some of the words they taught her where poorly translated. Im going to say one: “What.” No, im not asking a question, im saying the answer! “What.” THATS THE WORD!!! THATS THE WORD SHE DOESNT SEEM TO UNDERSTAND CORRECTLY!!! “What.” What’s wrong with what? Well, (im gonna copy from an online dictionary here)
The definition of what is which one or as many as.

a.An example of what used as an adjective is in the sentence, “What shirt do you want?”
b.An example of what used as an adjective is in the sentence, “Take what clothes you need.”

What means how.
An example of what used as an adverb is in the sentence, “What does it mean?”

What is defined as surprise or confusion.
An example of what used as an interjection is “What! You aren’t going with me?” (HELL NO!)

What means the basic nature of something.
An example of what used as a noun is in the sentence, “We need to figure out the what of the project,” which means that we need to figure out the core parts of the project.

What is defined as the amount, nature, purpose or quality of something.
An example of what used as a pronoun is in the sentence, “What is the cost of that shirt?” which means “How much does that shirt cost?”

Not in Kathy-World (or hell, as most of you know it). In Kathy-world, what means “I HATE YOU NOW GO DIE! NO ONE LIKES YOU AND YOU DONT DESERVE TO EXIST!!!”

Or at least, that’s what I can tell. (OPPS I SAID WHAT XD). *sigh* I can still hear her sobbing downstairs. Why is a full grown woman crying? Because I said a simple one worded question; “What?”. Its not my fault, she was the one mumbling! WHAT else was I supposed to say? I mean, this is the second time in the past 3 weeks she has gone off at the sound of that word! Is this normal? Please tell me, is it normal for a native Spanish speaking step mom to go throw a motherfucking tantrum just because she heard the word “what?”????? PLEASE TELL ME I NEED AWNSRS OR IM JUST GOING TO TELL MY MOM TO STOP SENDING ME TO MY DADS HOUSE!


6 thoughts on “*sigh*

    1. Wow your autocorrect is weird
      I was on a school trip once and one of the older people’s autocorrect made f*** into duck. Now it makes duck into f*** O_o

      My mouth feels weird because I ate spicy pringles. They tasted ok but my mouth aaaaghh

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