This RP Is Omzayzing

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Lhotse fumbled with his paws but eventually got 5 on one stick. Kiriban was trying to poke the fire. (ur such a genius kirib) (Kirib was a cat but he was cursed and now when he gets cold water poured on him he turns into a human. But he changes back when he gets hot water poured on him.)


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In that case my new name is Lhotse.

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Later that day, Lhotse burst into her room and quickly shoved Frank’s glass eye into her hand. “Quick don’t let him see it.” he told her, then snuck out of the room. A moment later a loud yell was heard from the bathroom. Frank stormed out and grabbed Lhotse by the color of his shirt. “YOU REPLACED MY EYE WITH A FREAKING MAGIC 8 BALL?!” Lhotse just grinned. “Shake your head so I can see if it tells us the answer.” but Frank just went on yelling and lecturing him while Lhotse just smiled and acted like he had no clue what happened.

OK yes 100% my new name is Lhotse.