A new story; Blank Canvas

Woohoo guys! I got a new story to replace my old, discontinued survivalcraft fan-fiction! (because I think were all petty dang sick and tired of survivalcraft XD). This new story will be called Blank Canvas.

So, what is Blank Canvas about?

Well its abut 5 (currently unnamed) characters that enjoy drawing. One day they find themselves swept into a strange land of pure whiteness. They are told they can “modify” this land as they please, using the tools they have received (they each get a unique tool when they arrive; brush, pencil, ect…). They come to call the land Blank Canvas, and they modify it to look very much like Earth. But, what happened to Earth? Do other people or creatures lurk in this odd, new place? Will they ever get back?

Anyway, remember how I said those characters were unnamed? We’ll Id’e love to see ya’ll come up with some names for those characters! Before you go crazy, I have a few guidelines:

1) There are 4 girl characters and 1 boy character. (Ages: 13, 15, 15(the boy), 16, 17)

2) The names can’t be your real name or part of your username

3) If you’re viewing this from Artists Hideaway, Mindworks Inc, or any other blog besides my own, please come to MY blog to post your name suggestion.

Also, this I a big might, but SkyStar MIGHT help me make this into a movie.


19 thoughts on “A new story; Blank Canvas

  1. I want to help write. Is that bad? I also want to design the characters…okay, I really want to help with this project.

    I have a name suggestion for the 15-year-old girl.

    Name: Avalyra
    Full Name: Culvaris Barkwood
    Nickname: Avy, Avy-Wavy (pet name only used by certain people to catch Avalyra’s attention)

      1. Hey, Spottedcloud? I’m going to need you to refollow my blog: WordPress deleted it.

        Also, I will be sending the author request to you again since WordPress deleted EVERYTHING.

      2. Yeah…I’m also going to need the email address you use for blogging: you do want to post on my blog, right?

  2. I really love the idea for the story, man if you don’t do something with this I will either beat you or use it myself hahaa and I suggest flipping through baby books or websites to find names or at least inspiration for names

  3. Boys name should be Jude, Josiah, Dwayne, or Dusty. All off the top of my head. It’s possible that I may not be here as much this weekend because I am with my gramma in the hospital. She got a fish bone stabbed in her intestine. So I’m with her for entertainment.

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