English Peplz

So yesterday in English, our teacher was talking to us about what we like to write. She told us all to come up to the whiteboard and list some things we like to write about, and then give an example.

I wrote: I like to write what I’m feeling: Im going to die in this class.


4 thoughts on “English Peplz

  1. Lol! That’s awesome 😂 I wish I had the nerve to do something like that in my English class. But this year my teacher is the most serious person ever. She’d take it too seriously and put me in in school detention.

  2. 😹 That is something that both my language teachers would call the parents about. I was very tempted to say that in Open Mic time before Science yesterday. The hippie teacher we have for Science would’ve gone bonkers and called my mother, asking why I was so rude.

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