Everyone Needs to Breath a Gigantic Sigh Of Relief

Its not a cancer tumor, its something else. IDK what is was to relieved to listen.


10 thoughts on “Everyone Needs to Breath a Gigantic Sigh Of Relief

  1. Good I’m glad that’s not what it is. I already had 3 friends whose moms had cancer, (one of them, his mother died). I’d hate for you to join them. It’s hard to imagine what they’re going through. And I’ve never experienced such a great sense of relief as you have. I bet your definition of the word has changed.

      1. I made Ejulxin. Omg I remember in 4th grade I made Ejulxin and next thing ya know other people come up with like, 5 differnt variations of it. *eyes tear up* I still have the legendry Ejulxin translator

      2. Wait. You made a language? Awesome! I’m thinking about actually trying it. And putting serious thought into it… Perhaps researching things about other languages that I like better than English and combining them to form the rules of my own language…I dunno. That’s something to do when I’m SOOOO BORED that I want to kill myself. Otherwise I just don’t have time for it ☺

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