This Is Officialy The Wierdest Thing Ive Ever Done…

Have any of you ever painted yourselves gray?


Ya, didn’t think so.

Yes that headband is holding up my bangs, which make me look weird but I have to stay like that until the paint dries.

Mom: You look like the devil with that paint on
Me: [under breath] Its okay I hate you too

Rlly tho my step dad left her cause he wanted to go trick-or-treating with my sister, an she doesn’t wanna miss my last Halloween. [she let me do it even though Im not supposed to cause Im only 20 days over the age B) ]

I Need To Finish This But I Need To Finish That Too….

Okay, one thing is certain:

Before I go back to work on Blank Canvas, Im gong to revisit the short story about Frank, and finish it.
I also have about 2 other stories im working on.
Well actually, Im leaving that up to you guys;
What should I work on next?


Okay so think of Frank….
As a merman


I can just see him like:
I wanna be where the people are!
I wanna see, wanna see them dancing,

Walking around on those-
What do us call em?

Up where they walk!
Up where they run!
Up where they stay all day in the SUUUUN!
Wandering free.
Why can’t I be part of that woooooooooorrrrrrrllllld?

Is it bad that I rememberd the entire thing? ._.

Halloween Parties.

So I got dressed up as Nepeta to go to this Halloween party [ if you don’t know who that is ]. I had my fangs in, my hat on, my hair straightened, my skin painted gray, a blue tail attached to my pants, and a dark green coat on. The doorbell rings. Mom tells me to get it. Unfortunately, my giant white poodle, Lady,  gets their first. So I open the door and grab her by the collar to keep her from tackling the poor guy. The first thing he says is: “Don’t worry, I’m not selling anything.” and once we had finished out conversation, he walked away a little faster then what I would consider walking. Well done homestuck trolls, well done B3.

Thats It.

That’s It. Im done with life.

since it is obvious that no one loves and/or cares bout me I am leaving existence

It was good for a while but then everyone left me o_o


~Spottedcloud/UniSpace/Grace out

[Final Note]

Oh look…. This is my 200th post….
How amazing that I’ve made it to far… too bad there’s nothing left for me…

well then….

Out for the absolute 100% sure time
~Spottedcloud/UniSpace/Cra-Cray Kitty/Rebecca Grace out


Incase u don’t celebrate Christmas. ^^^

Anyway, we’ve got Graystripe standing around with a dead friend WAY TOO early in his life,
We’ve got Rosslyn with that girl that almost killed her.
I’m just sitting here talkin bout my two dead sibblings
Maggie has the whole family issue (which confused me at first but then I understood)
And idk the full story about dm, but I asked him about his mom once and he said he “didn’t want to talk about it.” So I’m just gonna leave it there and not touch it.