Im So Trustworthy…

Mom: Okay sweetie go to bed before 9:00!

Me: Okay mum gudnite

*glances at clock a few minutes later*

Me: Awe shit its almost 12:30

Well I read that teenagers brains are “programmed” to stay up later and sleep in later so HA.


6 thoughts on “Im So Trustworthy…

  1. XD that’s ME!!! know what I do when I’m in bed I watch Five Night’s at Freddy’s so I CAN STAY AWAKE MWAHAHAHA… (that was a JK btw)

    1. And besides I think I’m use to it. Because I went to an overnighter at my church and I didn’t crash t’ll 5 o’ clock AM XD

      1. And why does no one like posts anymore??? I feel weird now.
        (And btw cra cray just merge all three of these comments together in the first and delete the last and delete everything I just said in parentheses) (thank you very much because this feels spammy)

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