HAHAHA Lil Bit Of Some Blank Canvas Spoilers

I had a free righting day in English and I had nothing to write about so I just-

And then, it was different, for all of them. Her head was no longer laying on her desk. She wasn’t even at her house anymore! None of them where! In fact, they weren’t anywhere! They were all standing in a circle in a strange new place- if I could even be called a place. It was nothingness, essentially. Nothing but hard white ground below them, and whiteness as far as the eye could see in any other direction; limitless. “W-where are we? Who are you?”



20 thoughts on “HAHAHA Lil Bit Of Some Blank Canvas Spoilers

  1. So mysterious…I love it 😀

    I had a weird idea that, if the antagonist is a male…the antagonist/villain ends up becoming attracted to one of the girls in the group. By “attracted”, I’m talking “so attracted he dreams about her (whomever the girl may be)”.

    (PS: Did you see the sketch I put up on my blog?)

      1. *to Rueben* You tricky little rascal. … Christopher? In love? *pulls out boombox and begins playing “Dream Weaver”*

      2. AWA, whassa matter with Mr Grumpy Grump? Had his heart spit on? Broked? Put up high in the sky and then sent crashing down by the one who put him in the sky?

      3. Delete away. I have an idea as to why Avalyra came to Blank Canvas. (Keep an eye on your email for it.)

      4. I use bglzwrth. (My parents were obsessed with Mr Biggelsworth from Austin Powers, so…yeah.)

      5. Yeah. My parents has just recorded a bunch of “Gravity Falls”, and my weakness was called out. And since we had my Dad’s favorite episode on the DVR, I had to see him laugh wholeheartedly at “Dipper vs. Manliness”.

  2. Annoying teenager: Gramma, make me a pie!

    Gramma: I made you a pie last week!

    Annoying teenager: That was strawberry, don’t you know your grandson is deathly allergic to strawberries!
    Gramma: all you do is sit around my house, eat all my food, and use up electricity!
    Annoying teenager: that’s what grannyies are for!
    Gramma: no! Grannies are for powin’ noobs!
    *gramma makes annoying teenager a pie* *oven ding*

    Annoying teenager: *eating the pie*
    Gramma, i am glad you made me this pie. It’s really delicious.
    Gramma: I’m glad you enjoy it.

    Gramma: it’s strawberry

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