Thus Concludes The Tale Of How Cra_Cray_Kitty Was Banned From GRX3!

Yes indeed! After about a steady 4 good months, Cra_Cray_Kitty was banned from one of her favorite servers. The only server she actually really knows 😐 Well, it went sort of like this:

[infinitylimits joined the game]

Cra_Cray_Kitty: heeeeeeey il! Long time no see!

Infinitylimits: I know right!

infinitylimits: so its your first day on the new server, right?

Cra_Cray_Kitty: Yep!

infinitylimits: Then why do you have chainmeal armor, a donkey, and a saddle?

Cra_Cray_Kitty: Someone gave them to me. Its my birthday tomorrow, btw :3

Infinitylimits: Do I need to cheek the log for that?

Cra_Cray_Kitty: Sure!



Infinitylimits: So you lied.

Cra_Cray_Kitty: Yup. It was a good try though!

*screen goes black*

Server connection screen:

You have been banned! Reason:

You Are A Liar, Griever, And Thief!

Me: true, true, and true!

Lmao I crack myself up XD

Oh lemme see of I can get him over here by putting a link to his website and mentioning the server a bunch.

Hell, why don’t we get the whole party over here?

Yes, that means you;

8 thoughts on “Thus Concludes The Tale Of How Cra_Cray_Kitty Was Banned From GRX3!

  1. Ok that’s just bs… OPs/staff shouldn’t take their powers to extreme like that… because trust another OP FUCKING BANNED ME BECAUSE I WOULDN’T CUSS LIKE WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH BTICHES THESE DAYS UGH I’M SO PISSED RIGHT NOW!!!

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